Wednesday, August 3


T42.. So how do u say it? Tea for Two or Tea Forty Two?

Well, both are correct because the place is called T forty two and there is a set in their menu called Tea for Two... By the way, I had this set during tea time a day before puasa :)

T forty two

Tea For Two set

The teapot is so cute rite? And the teacup is.. ermm adorable? I highly recommend this set because it is affordable, only RM59.90 for two person & u can choose from a wide range selection for your tea.. I had red fancy fruit the other day, really nice~ On top of that, the ambience is great.. Kalau feeling2 nak pakai topi besar pun boleh! Hehehe.. It is situated at Bangsar Village 2, level 2..

Ouh, I almost forgot.. The chocolate fudge cake sangatlah yummy!! The scones were delicious, simply melt in your mouth.. Sorry if you read this while fasting.. Thats the main reason y i update this @ 12.30am

Anyway, I dunno u girls.. but for me during fasting, I am more towards local kueh instead of pastry/scones/dessert.. Kueh seri muka & Lompat tikam tetap berkubu dihati.. Sekian..


  1. owh memang..i pun suka local kuih jugak..yg western skit makan time nak mengunyah jer..hehe

  2. ahaha.. ko lagi tahun lepas kan kueh pujaan kau lompat tikam.. brader tu jual lagi kah lompat tikam taun nih?

  3. kita pun sukalah kedai nih.. chumel gila@empire subang

  4. Lilly - masa bulan puasa ni, mmg tekak melayu.. x pandang western dessert langsung

    Ilot - x jumpa la adek yg jual lompat tikam tahun ni, ntah mana dia meniaga.. tp aku ada jumpa pakcik yg jual lompat tikam yg sedap smalam :)~

    Dalia - ada kat empire gak eh? i x tau la sbb i penah skali je gi empire.. x prasan pulak (or maybe masa tu x bukak pun lagi) sbb i dtg masa empire baru jer bukak