Thursday, August 4

Sembah Ratu

Anak aku sembah ratu sampai tertido, anak kau ado? Faheem ni Mummy ajak tido atas katil dia tanak, 5 menet pas turun dr katil kat atas lantai jugak dia tido menonggeng.. Masa tulis entry ni, dah slamat transfer dia atas katil balik.. Elok jer tido terlentang

P/s - Hail the queen!! Hohohoho

Wednesday, August 3


T42.. So how do u say it? Tea for Two or Tea Forty Two?

Well, both are correct because the place is called T forty two and there is a set in their menu called Tea for Two... By the way, I had this set during tea time a day before puasa :)

T forty two

Tea For Two set

The teapot is so cute rite? And the teacup is.. ermm adorable? I highly recommend this set because it is affordable, only RM59.90 for two person & u can choose from a wide range selection for your tea.. I had red fancy fruit the other day, really nice~ On top of that, the ambience is great.. Kalau feeling2 nak pakai topi besar pun boleh! Hehehe.. It is situated at Bangsar Village 2, level 2..

Ouh, I almost forgot.. The chocolate fudge cake sangatlah yummy!! The scones were delicious, simply melt in your mouth.. Sorry if you read this while fasting.. Thats the main reason y i update this @ 12.30am

Anyway, I dunno u girls.. but for me during fasting, I am more towards local kueh instead of pastry/scones/dessert.. Kueh seri muka & Lompat tikam tetap berkubu dihati.. Sekian..