Friday, June 10


Fuuhhhh... Fuhhhhh.. If u guys wondering what I'm doing, I'm actually dusting off my long abandoned blog.. So begone dust, cobweb, spiders and what not *kapufff*

Anyway, TGIF!!! I haven't got any weekend for about one and a half months, that was like 5 weekends! Where my weekend gone?
  1. balik kampung my side
  2. kampung again - kenduri akikah my nephew
  3. working (roadshow) during weekends & public holiday - wesak
  4. faheem had fever which means crying non stop at night, luckily it is during weekend not weekdays.. kalau x mmg mcm zombie masuk kerja
  5. balik kampung his side - wedding my SIL
So tomorrow is the 6th weekend.. Weekend that I much needed indeed.. Time to relax and lepak.. Just lazying at home, no grocery shopping, no window shopping, no social 8tvt.. Speaking of that, hell yeah I've been anti-social for quite sometime but who cares??

Till then.. happy weekend peeps.. TGIF!!!

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  1. I think being anti social is underrated. People needs to be more anti social! ( So kurang jam di KL)