Monday, February 28

Simple Celebration

Hohoho.. I just realized that this month, I only updated once which consist of 31 words - a quickie update I called it (read: malas).. I better start babbling again before I lost the mojo to write & abandon it altogether

Where to start? Lotsa picx, which one to post first? Wakaka.. As if my life is so goddamn interesting.. Basically, I live my life like a normal human being.. err at least normal from my own point of view.. ok this post is going nowhere

Back to track.. Ok, start! DH birthday is on 22nd.. Faheem is not feeling very well last week so we don't get a chance to have fancy dinner & whatnot.. So, I just bought his favorite flavored cake & cooked his favorite food - an easy one too :P

Spaghetti, Beef Bolognese, Cheese & Chicken Wings

Black Forest Cake, I'm trying to be creative actually

So please ignore the imbalance & partial picture

Just a simple celebration.. just a simple way to show that I love u & I care bout u :)

Ouh, on a side note.. on his birthday, I'm a bit pissed with him bout something but I just take it easy and didnt pick a fight with him simply bcoz it is his birthday.. ahahah.. but the next day we had a fight.. Tapi lepas tu berdamai la.. See, life is not always lovey dovey n mushy.. we have issues like normal people

It feels a bit weird actually to read other blogs that promotes they have perfect life yada yada yada.. almost like fakey.. but, hey it is their blog.. who am I to complaint bout it, no? I can always choose to stop reading aite? or I can always think positively - yup, they do have perfect life..

Come to think about this matter, I am more interested with blogs with full of drama & variety.. rather than the perfect life - so blah, no spice at all.. As if like trying too hard to show that u have perfect life which now makes me more doubtful
I better stop now.


  1. wei ur number still the same ka? i mau tanya lu pasal munchkin!!!
    btw, blog i maleh nk taruk itu drama... semua belakang tabir. nanti buat sakit ati je baca balik nanti kakakaka

  2. dear, i dah pindah rumah.. skrg duk quarters kat jalan u-thant. jadi org KL pulak, no longer org KD dah. hihi. rumah tu i bagi sewa. nnti jemput la dtg rumah kitorang kat sini (rumah pinjam) :)

    oh ye, blog pun dah berpindah juge. no longer blog lama dah. ni address ye..