Wednesday, January 12

Singapore Trip - Day 1 & 2

Day 1
Arrived at SG, went shopping at Orchard Road.. Had really yucky dinner *uwek uwek* :(

Day 2
Supposedly go to Universal Studio but it was raining heavily.. So off we went shopping at Marina Square & SunTec City.. Later in the evening we went up to Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck to view Singapore's skyscrapers + Malaysia (JB) + Indonesia (batam?).. Ended the day with Seafood Dinner at Raffles Quay.. ouh, at the seafood restaurant.. I saw a huge, massive australian king crab!! according to the waitress, it is the season

Faheem playing at one of the shop at Marina Sq *still blur*

Dah start excited - ketuk2 yellow ball

Oh! there are more... it's everywhere!!

Now I have two! *tamak mode*

Observation Deck, Marina Bay Sands
Background = Singapore's skyscrapers *eh, x nampak ye?*

ok, clearer view without the obstruction of me :P

Faheem dah start cranky *muka tengik, mulut muncung*
background = Singapore flyers

Faheem dah mengamuk, start kejung2 badan

Faheem still mengamuk..
Daddy sebuk suh posing amik gambar lagi
Mummy pun dah emo tamo senyum dah

Ngamuk sebab lapar rupanya.. Sian Faheem


  1. wah cantiknya view...i first time tau pasal marina bay sands ni masa tgk amazing race asia aritu

  2. MBS ni baru siap je, actually it is a hotel + casino.. dr jauh mcm UFO je rupernyer.. kalau x stay situ tp nak naik, leh naik dek je la.. x mampu stay situ.. mahal! dlm TARA gila gayat kene jln in air from one tower to another one.. takut