Wednesday, January 5


Hmmmm... I hope it is not too late to wish Happy New Year to all of you.. for me, 2010 have lotsa ups n downs, well who doesnt?

Now.. on the resolution, hehehe..I never had new year's resolution b4 just bcoz I believe that if u want to change sumthing, u can do it whenever u want.. it is all about willpower not about timing.. but this year is exceptional, I have one!

I really hope that I can live with that, a simple & achievable one, yet a hard one.. I just want to start eating healthily.. the reason behind it.. my mom is diabetic while my dad is diabetic too plus high blood pressure with a heart problem.. and all that listed above is hereditary diaseases and of coz plus few other factors

But (there is always a but) hehehe.. once in a while let me indulge in good ol fatty food ok *wink wink*

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