Thursday, January 27

Dummy BB

Does anyone know where to get a dummy blackberry? Faheem seriously can't take his hands off our phone.. The requirements are black in color, looks exactly like BB & spurts some lights like a real one.. Mute one is acceptable coz my phone most of the time is mute and he still shows interest to it.

Previously we can exchange "the hostage bb" with either astro remote or calculator, but the trick no longer works.. I guess now he can identify the difference.. n if we try to take back the phone, emo abes la budak tu.. siap melalak protes.. hmmph!

Once I saw a dummy, yellow in color and spells BACKBERRY, there n then I laugh like nobody's business.. ahahaha.. macam2..

- Smalam kekurangan velog bahan bacaan.. Semua bz wat wordless wednesday kan?


  1. nak gelak gak la baca backberry tuh. hahaha..

  2. Clust Faheem kan kecik2 dah tau guna gadget. Nasib baik dia tak mintak ko ipad pulak.

  3. Ah >> haaa..main2 backberry kaler koenng lg
    Ilot >> aku x rasa dia tau guna gadget, aku rasa dia interested sbb aku n laki aku ske godek2 bb.. astro punya remote tader godek2 beriya baca twitter, ym, gtalk, surf, baca blog bagai kan

  4. we got Dayana an iTouch and then only we got to have our phones to ourselves. huhu~