Monday, January 24


Hmmm.. I seriously want to lose some of my excess fat.. I've read sumwhere that before trying to lose some weight u need to detox your body.. However, I've read sumwhere else that u dont hav to detox coz ur body can cleanse by itself.. kidney, liver, skin, etc etc thats what they are for.

Hmmm.. My bff Ms SasaShasha did her detox plan a week ago.. If I'm not mistaken the first 2 days she only consume fruits, then day 3 & 4 she can only consume vege + a lil bit of carbs or something like dat (??) She swears that by the end of day 2 she can see clouds, moon, stars and even aurora bcoz she was so damn hungry.. When I read the text she sent me.. eh bukan text, BBM, I laughed histerically - I thought she was joking.. apparently not, bcoz the next few days this entry come out at her blog and boyyyyyyyyy I laughed again!! *I love u Sasa*

Hmmm.. I'm not a person that can say NO to good food, errr NO to any food to be frank.. If I skipped my meal I'll automatically become cranky & garang like horny lioness?? (ita, mana ko tau singa betina yg horny adalah garang?) Nobody likes cranky person.. Pity my hubby coz he always have to put up with my cranky mood when I sleep deprived, now u want me to start dieting & become more cranky??

Hmmm.. So, basically detox plan is not a good idea.. But I still want to do some detox-ing.. Guess what?? Heheh.. I bought the foot detox patch - the one that wud turn black indicating that it sucks out toxins from ur body thru ur foot.. After 4 days in a row I wore it, the patch still hitammmm hu'maikkk'aihhhh!!! Banyak beno toxin dalam badan aku ke?

Hmmm.. Now that makes me think, is this stuff really works or not? example - the patch will turns black if triggered by heat (from body) or by sweat (from the sweat gland under our foot?).. Or my body accumulated so many toxins all these years that I need to wear the patch daily for 2-3 weeks, or months?

Hmmm... Anybody have tried this foot detox patch? Doesnt matter from any brand, I just want to know the result.. Is it really works aka eventually the patch will become clearer day by day or not.. If yes, how do you feel after that.. Rasa badan ringan sbb toxic dah tader?? - sumthing like dat, or maybe u feel more energetic ke?

Hmmm.. I'm just curious.. Should I continue to wear it or not? (read: buy more of these detox foot patch or not?)


  1. baca ni nyah:

  2. My fren ada buat patch ni..before pakai dia letak on a cup of water overnight, and esok pagi tgk mmg hitam berkulat2. So the theory, it's triggered by heat (wap air). Tapak kaki kita kan berkuap kalau letak menda tu. Mmg a total scam, but his is no-brand patch from China.

    So maybe you can try it by urself tgk how ;)

  3. ilot & aan >> dah decide tamo proceed kai mende ni dah.. detox dgn minum air suam je la.. hehe

  4. iye...buat detox diet tu mmg nampak bulan bintang aurora segala.....memang menguji i seronot kerana telah berjaya habis je detox diet, makan tak hengat menambahkan toxin :(