Thursday, October 20

Family Photoshoot

Kurus tak I? Tak kan? Kesimpulannya kene hire photographer yg boleh membuatkan I tampak lebih kurus selim melim macam tiang letrek.. Or.. Photoshop dengan lebih giat.. Muka sendiri, badan tepek badan gisele bundchen

Mutu gambar kurang memuaskan sebab nih gambar tangkap dari gambar guna handphone (paham x?).. Malas nak upload gambar photoshoot sebab file besar size anak gajah, connection broadband lembab macam anak siput babi

Tuesday, October 18

Theme? What theme?!

Ini jer yang I mampu fikir untuk birthday party Faheem beberapa bulan lepas.. Coordinating warna baloon & cake jer... Takde theme.. Sangat fail sebagai event planner.. So, sesape yg nak plan birthday party, sila jgn consult saya..

Thursday, August 4

Sembah Ratu

Anak aku sembah ratu sampai tertido, anak kau ado? Faheem ni Mummy ajak tido atas katil dia tanak, 5 menet pas turun dr katil kat atas lantai jugak dia tido menonggeng.. Masa tulis entry ni, dah slamat transfer dia atas katil balik.. Elok jer tido terlentang

P/s - Hail the queen!! Hohohoho

Wednesday, August 3


T42.. So how do u say it? Tea for Two or Tea Forty Two?

Well, both are correct because the place is called T forty two and there is a set in their menu called Tea for Two... By the way, I had this set during tea time a day before puasa :)

T forty two

Tea For Two set

The teapot is so cute rite? And the teacup is.. ermm adorable? I highly recommend this set because it is affordable, only RM59.90 for two person & u can choose from a wide range selection for your tea.. I had red fancy fruit the other day, really nice~ On top of that, the ambience is great.. Kalau feeling2 nak pakai topi besar pun boleh! Hehehe.. It is situated at Bangsar Village 2, level 2..

Ouh, I almost forgot.. The chocolate fudge cake sangatlah yummy!! The scones were delicious, simply melt in your mouth.. Sorry if you read this while fasting.. Thats the main reason y i update this @ 12.30am

Anyway, I dunno u girls.. but for me during fasting, I am more towards local kueh instead of pastry/scones/dessert.. Kueh seri muka & Lompat tikam tetap berkubu dihati.. Sekian..

Thursday, July 21

Apalah nak jadik

Apalah nak jadik dengan blog.. dah berhabuk, bersawang bagai.. K tu jer nak cakap.. bye

P/s - Matila entry macam ni pun ada.. ahahaha

Friday, June 10


Fuuhhhh... Fuhhhhh.. If u guys wondering what I'm doing, I'm actually dusting off my long abandoned blog.. So begone dust, cobweb, spiders and what not *kapufff*

Anyway, TGIF!!! I haven't got any weekend for about one and a half months, that was like 5 weekends! Where my weekend gone?
  1. balik kampung my side
  2. kampung again - kenduri akikah my nephew
  3. working (roadshow) during weekends & public holiday - wesak
  4. faheem had fever which means crying non stop at night, luckily it is during weekend not weekdays.. kalau x mmg mcm zombie masuk kerja
  5. balik kampung his side - wedding my SIL
So tomorrow is the 6th weekend.. Weekend that I much needed indeed.. Time to relax and lepak.. Just lazying at home, no grocery shopping, no window shopping, no social 8tvt.. Speaking of that, hell yeah I've been anti-social for quite sometime but who cares??

Till then.. happy weekend peeps.. TGIF!!!

Wednesday, April 6

Faheem is One :)

Faheem is one todayyyyyyyy! woot~! woot~! Happy Birthday Sayanggggg.. Dah besar nanti jadi orang berguna, jangan isap dadah (matiklah pesanan camnih).. As for now, pesanan mummy just - don't poke mummy's eyes & don't pinch me.. As I'm writing this, my sis is in labor room.. Her due date is on 30th April, but the doc advise not to wait til fullterm coz the baby might be over 4kg.. Tak sempat nak schedule for induce, waterbag dah pecah.. Maybe Adik Dani Rizqi nak sama birthday dengan Faheem kan?

Gambar kenangan setahun yang lalu...

Tuesday, March 29

How to sabotage a sleeping cat?

Simple! Just open the tap water.. muahahaha *evil*

Monday, March 28

Buaian berbentuk spender

P/s - pejam celik, pejam celik, dah nak setahun budak gendut ni..

Friday, March 25

Brand new wallet for him..

Lama nak M baru terhegeh2 nak hapdet.. Ilot pun dah sound mana I menghilang.. So nih hapdet yg berapa ikhlas.. *larikkkkk*

Untuk birthday laki melks sebulan yg lalu, I bg dia present wallet baru.. Sebab wallet lama dia memang dah tahap kene masuk muzium u ols.. Rasa2nya muzium pun dah tamo trima sbb buruk ngat.. x percaya tengoklah bukti di bawah

Dah buruk amat.. memang wajib tukar baru kan?

Monday, February 28

Simple Celebration

Hohoho.. I just realized that this month, I only updated once which consist of 31 words - a quickie update I called it (read: malas).. I better start babbling again before I lost the mojo to write & abandon it altogether

Where to start? Lotsa picx, which one to post first? Wakaka.. As if my life is so goddamn interesting.. Basically, I live my life like a normal human being.. err at least normal from my own point of view.. ok this post is going nowhere

Back to track.. Ok, start! DH birthday is on 22nd.. Faheem is not feeling very well last week so we don't get a chance to have fancy dinner & whatnot.. So, I just bought his favorite flavored cake & cooked his favorite food - an easy one too :P

Spaghetti, Beef Bolognese, Cheese & Chicken Wings

Black Forest Cake, I'm trying to be creative actually

So please ignore the imbalance & partial picture

Just a simple celebration.. just a simple way to show that I love u & I care bout u :)

Ouh, on a side note.. on his birthday, I'm a bit pissed with him bout something but I just take it easy and didnt pick a fight with him simply bcoz it is his birthday.. ahahah.. but the next day we had a fight.. Tapi lepas tu berdamai la.. See, life is not always lovey dovey n mushy.. we have issues like normal people

It feels a bit weird actually to read other blogs that promotes they have perfect life yada yada yada.. almost like fakey.. but, hey it is their blog.. who am I to complaint bout it, no? I can always choose to stop reading aite? or I can always think positively - yup, they do have perfect life..

Come to think about this matter, I am more interested with blogs with full of drama & variety.. rather than the perfect life - so blah, no spice at all.. As if like trying too hard to show that u have perfect life which now makes me more doubtful
I better stop now.

Monday, February 21


Wow.. It has been a while.. from the last time I update, now Faheem dah ada 4 batang gigi! Dalam sebulan, ambik ko tumbuh beramai2 katanya..

Ok la tu jer.. bye

Friday, January 28

Cutest White Cap Ever

Anak bujang mak dah teething - FINALLY! We've been waiting for it since he was 4 months old or so.. Jiran Jes, anak Iban tu masa umur 3 bulan dah start teething and by the time umur 6 months dah 4 batang.. Yes, I know kids develop on his own phase, but I just can't wait - more like excited too

When Faheem was 4 months, I noticed that he start drooling excessively.. So I tot he was teething.. Beriya la nih mak beli soother, teether bagai.. nan ado dia hisap or geget pun.. Kain napkin putih tu jugak yg dia geget, bawak tido, gentel masa minum susu

Ada few false alarm gak.. Once DH said sumthing hard on Faheem's gum - belah atas.. Kami dah sronot.. taperla baby lain tumbuh gigi bawah dulu.. Faheem tumbuh gigi atas dulu.. 2 months passed by.. nan ado giginya klua!!

Pastuh SIL (agent x rasmi mee bandung tu) pun cakap.. "x lama dah nih, asek menjejes je air liur".. nan ado jugak gigi klua.. Pastuh my mom cakap "dah ada bayang2 gigi kat gusi tu, nak tumbuh la tu".. nan ado jugak giginyaaaa

By the time he was 9 months old, after few months in delusional state.. I had enuff.. Lantak ko la gigi, nak tumbuh - tumbuhla, tanak tumbuh - sudehhhhh.. Air liur menten je menjejes kaedahnya.. Pegang motto "lambat tumbuh, lambat jatuh gigi tu" --> ayat sedapkan ati

Out of nowhere, when we were in Singapore.. DH told me ada sesuatu kat gusi bawah Faheem.. mcm tajam2.. I just brushed him off n said "delusional!!" n he keep on insisting Faheem is teething.. after all he's a bit cranky during the trip.. I brushed him off again n said "dia baru baik demam, batuk, selesema tu.. lagipun tempat baru, duk kat hotel.. pastu kita pun x reti duk diam.. penat la budak tu"

Later, secretly I have a good look at his lower gum.. I could see sumthing like ulcer but memanjang (instead of bulat2 kalau ulcer kan).. Rasa ngan jari n rasa tajam2 gitu... My hubby was right, Faheem is teething.. Sian anak Mummy masa x selesa nih la, Mummy n Daddy bawak jalan2..

Cutest White Cap everrrrr :)

Suka hati mak la nak ngaku gigi anak sendiri paling comel .. The fact is gigi dia tumbuh senget sket but no worries, still the cutest in Mummy's n Daddy's eyes.. Overheard DH borak2 dgn Faheem.. "Dulu Daddy & Mummy x kai braces pun.. Taperlah, nanti Faheem kai braces ok.. bagi stret gigi tu"

Teething - new phase in his little world.. Now his habit is munching on anything hard.. Broadband mak pun kene geget.. Jari jemari kitorang tayah cakap la.. He even tried to munch our toes too tp cepat2 tarik sebelum sempat masuk mulut.. So, decided to buy sumthing more useful for him to munch..

Ralit - biting & munching Apple

Which is MUNCHKIN Fresh Food Feeder.. I put fruits such as apple, melon & pear then give him to bite n munch.. He prefers Apple compared to Melon or Pear.. Besides lepaskan gian gusi gatal tu, he also benefits from the juice.. Great rite??

Thursday, January 27

Dummy BB

Does anyone know where to get a dummy blackberry? Faheem seriously can't take his hands off our phone.. The requirements are black in color, looks exactly like BB & spurts some lights like a real one.. Mute one is acceptable coz my phone most of the time is mute and he still shows interest to it.

Previously we can exchange "the hostage bb" with either astro remote or calculator, but the trick no longer works.. I guess now he can identify the difference.. n if we try to take back the phone, emo abes la budak tu.. siap melalak protes.. hmmph!

Once I saw a dummy, yellow in color and spells BACKBERRY, there n then I laugh like nobody's business.. ahahaha.. macam2..

- Smalam kekurangan velog bahan bacaan.. Semua bz wat wordless wednesday kan?

Wednesday, January 26

Mee Bandung Muar

Cepat, Senang dimasak dan yang penting Enak sekaliii.. hihihi.. matilah up diri sendiri, mengaku masak sedap :P

Biasanya mee bandung trus hidang dgn kuah skali kan? Tapi masa buat nih, ada 2 rombongan dtg ke umah di masa yg lain pada hari yg sama.. So tanak la rendam mee terus dalam kuah, kang kembang semangkuk jadinya mee itu.. Dats y la mee, sawi, tauhu seme duk asing2 tak berkawan dgn kuah.. Nak makan pandai2 la amik campur dlm mangkok sendiri

Senang dimasak sbb guna paste segera.. First time try masak ni dah sedap.. Agak kembang kempis idungku bila rombongan parents ku dtg ckp sedap, lagi kembang kempis idungku bila MIL ku pun cakap sedap.. Laki melks dia makan je, x byk songeh.. Paste ni pun SIL yg bagi suh try.. Jangan tanya mana I beli paste ni, I pun order paste ni dr SIL je, buat stok di rumah.. Mak I pun order --> dia ckp senang, kalau tetamu dtg mengejut ke rumah.. rebus2 campak je siap!!

Cara2 nya.. getuuu

  1. 1.2 liter air rebus, pastuh letak paste tuh
  2. Pastu letak la udang, ayam, tauhu (yg dah digoreng) & apa2 lagila korang nak letak.. Masa ni I letak udang n daging korban yg x abes2 lg.. tauhu duk luar
  3. Pastu letak la sayur2an, sawi ke kobis ke lada ke.. I letak sawi kat luar so kene celur dulu, lada pun duk luar tp tayah celur
  4. Pastu masukkan telur 3-4 biji.. resepi blakang kotak ckp 5 biji.. masa letak 4 biji telor gred B dah mcm telor overload.. maybe dia letak telor 5 biji gred F kot
  5. Adjust la rasa.. I buat ikut resepi blakang kotak mcm manis sket.. I ditch kuah manis2 ni so I tambah air, pastu bila dah cair sket harus x masin, so tambah la garam.. Basically adjust ikut sesedap lidah sendiri
  6. Kemudian masukkan mee yg telah dibasuh or dicelur lite2, mee kalau x basuh rasa kapur.. uwek uwek
  7. Hidang!
  8. Makannnnnnnnnnn :)

P/s - Satu paste ni just nice utk mkn 6-7 orang

Monday, January 24


Hmmm.. I seriously want to lose some of my excess fat.. I've read sumwhere that before trying to lose some weight u need to detox your body.. However, I've read sumwhere else that u dont hav to detox coz ur body can cleanse by itself.. kidney, liver, skin, etc etc thats what they are for.

Hmmm.. My bff Ms SasaShasha did her detox plan a week ago.. If I'm not mistaken the first 2 days she only consume fruits, then day 3 & 4 she can only consume vege + a lil bit of carbs or something like dat (??) She swears that by the end of day 2 she can see clouds, moon, stars and even aurora bcoz she was so damn hungry.. When I read the text she sent me.. eh bukan text, BBM, I laughed histerically - I thought she was joking.. apparently not, bcoz the next few days this entry come out at her blog and boyyyyyyyyy I laughed again!! *I love u Sasa*

Hmmm.. I'm not a person that can say NO to good food, errr NO to any food to be frank.. If I skipped my meal I'll automatically become cranky & garang like horny lioness?? (ita, mana ko tau singa betina yg horny adalah garang?) Nobody likes cranky person.. Pity my hubby coz he always have to put up with my cranky mood when I sleep deprived, now u want me to start dieting & become more cranky??

Hmmm.. So, basically detox plan is not a good idea.. But I still want to do some detox-ing.. Guess what?? Heheh.. I bought the foot detox patch - the one that wud turn black indicating that it sucks out toxins from ur body thru ur foot.. After 4 days in a row I wore it, the patch still hitammmm hu'maikkk'aihhhh!!! Banyak beno toxin dalam badan aku ke?

Hmmm.. Now that makes me think, is this stuff really works or not? example - the patch will turns black if triggered by heat (from body) or by sweat (from the sweat gland under our foot?).. Or my body accumulated so many toxins all these years that I need to wear the patch daily for 2-3 weeks, or months?

Hmmm... Anybody have tried this foot detox patch? Doesnt matter from any brand, I just want to know the result.. Is it really works aka eventually the patch will become clearer day by day or not.. If yes, how do you feel after that.. Rasa badan ringan sbb toxic dah tader?? - sumthing like dat, or maybe u feel more energetic ke?

Hmmm.. I'm just curious.. Should I continue to wear it or not? (read: buy more of these detox foot patch or not?)

Tuesday, January 18


Sabotaj anak sendiri sbb publish gambar ni... Comot gila weih anak aku.. Rambut basah peluh2.. dengan kesan cakar kat bawah mata kiri (dia cakar masa tdo).. ada taik idung lagi.. pastu bubur nasi sekeliling mulut.. tu melopong sbb tunggu orang suapkan dia bubur lagi tu.. Nasib baik tade taik mata.. kalau ada mmg jadi gambar terbaeklah!

Monday, January 17

Not So Heavenly

Warning: Entry penuh makian n caci mencaci.. Saper tanak tambah dosa, boleh blah.. Saper x kisah menambah dosa or kiasu nak amik tau.. sila teruskan bacaan

Suatu malam yang hening, tetibe trasa nak makan cake.. Lalu secara spontan klua gi carik kek.. Ada possibility dah tutup tp try je la.. 9.55pm sampai dikedai..

Saya: Dik, bukak lagi x?
Cashier: Bukak lagi...

Round2 tgk cake yg ada.. Nak take away je pun.. berborak2 gak dgn adik tu tanya mana cake yg bestseller etc etc.. Call hubby tanya dia nak apa2 x? After dah decide..

Saya: Dik, akak nak cupcake ni.. ngan cake tuuuu..
Cashier: Taleh beli la kak sbb cashier punya machine dah tutup
Saya: Huh?? Taleh beli? Abes td saya tanya bukak ke x.. apersal jawab bukak
Cashier: Ye la kedai bukak lagi, tp cashier machine dah tutup..
Saya: Ok FINE! *blah dari kedai muka x puas hati*

*mengamuk mode*
BBM Sasa.. Sebab masa tu berjalan ke kereta.. Dalam kereta meluahkan perasaan x puas ati kat hubby.. Faheem tgh tdo dlm carseat, so boleh mencarut *matila*

Bing to the max!
Cam lahanat
Patutla ko jadi cashier jer, sebab ko bodoh..
Otak kat lutut

Cakap je la dah tutup.. Tader la aku nak marah.. Aku pun dtg lambat, just try luck je.. Yg ko jawab kedai bukak tp bila nak beli tableh sbb mesin cashier dah tutup tu aperhal? Siap layan aku borak2 tanya kek mana bes segala mala tu.. Siap tunggu aku call laki aku tanya dia nak kek ke x.. Aperhal kan? Bodo setan tau!

Anyway, selepas amarah redha kitorang gi Delicious.. Delicious tutup pukul 11pm.. Pegi matilah Just Heavenly.. U shud named ur shop as "Not So Heavenly" instead of "Just Heavenly".. Ouh another thing, hire smarter staff please..

P/s - I seriously cant tolerate stupid people.. Moron! Bing to the max!

Friday, January 14

Singapore Trip - Day 3 (last day)

Day 3
Went to Sentosa Island / Universal Studio.. Ouh, if u go there.. Just try the Garret Popcorn.. Lotsa of flavor to choose from, I tried the Caramel one.. nice creamy & rich!! Wanted to try the Almond + Caramel one but they do not have that particular flavor that day.. Then balik ke Mesiaaaa.. x mampu duk kat SG lama2.. Mahal okeh hotel 270SGD per nite.. tu pun partially redeem point.. U ols ingat laki melks chop duit?? Nak duduk hotel cap ayam (mcm zaman masih berdua) kesian kat Faheem..Last 2 years punya trip, considered as budget trip - bilik kecik, katil single 2, lantai tile bodo je.. Dah ada Faheem ni kene la duk hotel semenggah sket, yg bercarpet tebal n luas sbb budak tu nak merayap.. Katil kene king, kalau x Faheem nak tdo mana..

Teramik gambar Faheem tengah batuk..

Our small family in front of the so called Universal Studio's globe

Under the candy tree.. hihihi

This is how the candy tree looks like actually

Wednesday, January 12

Singapore Trip - Day 1 & 2

Day 1
Arrived at SG, went shopping at Orchard Road.. Had really yucky dinner *uwek uwek* :(

Day 2
Supposedly go to Universal Studio but it was raining heavily.. So off we went shopping at Marina Square & SunTec City.. Later in the evening we went up to Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck to view Singapore's skyscrapers + Malaysia (JB) + Indonesia (batam?).. Ended the day with Seafood Dinner at Raffles Quay.. ouh, at the seafood restaurant.. I saw a huge, massive australian king crab!! according to the waitress, it is the season

Faheem playing at one of the shop at Marina Sq *still blur*

Dah start excited - ketuk2 yellow ball

Oh! there are more... it's everywhere!!

Now I have two! *tamak mode*

Observation Deck, Marina Bay Sands
Background = Singapore's skyscrapers *eh, x nampak ye?*

ok, clearer view without the obstruction of me :P

Faheem dah start cranky *muka tengik, mulut muncung*
background = Singapore flyers

Faheem dah mengamuk, start kejung2 badan

Faheem still mengamuk..
Daddy sebuk suh posing amik gambar lagi
Mummy pun dah emo tamo senyum dah

Ngamuk sebab lapar rupanya.. Sian Faheem

Friday, January 7

Persoalan lagi..

Smalam pasal nak mandikan anak air suam or air sejuk.. now pasal sox pulak.. Ok, masa dalam hari memang berbungkus la kaki tu kai booties..

Dah besar camner? Skarang ni, siang Faheem mmg x pakai sox sbb dia tgh memanjat, melompat, merangkak segala mak nenek la.. So kalau kai sox mcm licin even yg ada non-slip sole tu..

Kalau tido camner eh? As for now my practise mmg everyday pakai kan dia pyjama 2 pcs + sox or sleepsuit yg mmg tutup kaki terus.. Dah boleh x pakai sox ke? Ke still kene kai sox? Bila umur sesuai dah tayah pakai sox time tido?

P/s - Banyaknya soklan.. Mommies out there, pls share experience ye.. Thanks in advance

Thursday, January 6

Warm bath..

Faheem is now 9 months old.. Til date I still bathe him with lukewarm water.. My question is, usually til when the baby need to be bathe with warm water? When is the baby ready to take normal tap temperature bath? How about the transition phase later - ie will the baby cry sebab terkejut air sejuk?

I am clueless on this matter.. I have 3 situation here
  1. I ask my mother previously and she answered "dulu mandi perigi, nak tanak memang la sejuk.. skarang dah ada teknologi.. bukan susah pun, bukak paip klua air panas.. x payah nak jerang air tiup kayu api" --> kayu api?? zaman bila ni weih?
  2. I ask DH and he said "saya dulu, mandi air suam sampai darjah 6.. form 1 mandi air sejuk sbb masuk boarding school.." --> manjanya suami I.. huhu.. eh, i remembered i bathe using normal tap water when i was in standard 6 coz i always end up sleeping with the tap running instead of take bath..
  3. I ask my auntie (mom of 7) and she said "Emir tu (her youngest) masa umur 2 bulan dah mandi air sejuk.. malas nak manjakan sangat.. masa dalam pantang pun kadang2 mandi air sejuk sbb abang2 nyer yg tolong mandikan" --> erm.. but Faheem is my first.. x kisah la manja lebih sket.. not that I have 7 kids to manage..

Is there any pro n cons debate on this matter? I mean is there any scientific explanation on the good n the bad effect.. Mummys out there, opinion pleaseee.. or at least share your experience.. ke ada pantang larang tok nenek zaman dulu2 ke?

Wednesday, January 5


Hmmmm... I hope it is not too late to wish Happy New Year to all of you.. for me, 2010 have lotsa ups n downs, well who doesnt?

Now.. on the resolution, hehehe..I never had new year's resolution b4 just bcoz I believe that if u want to change sumthing, u can do it whenever u want.. it is all about willpower not about timing.. but this year is exceptional, I have one!

I really hope that I can live with that, a simple & achievable one, yet a hard one.. I just want to start eating healthily.. the reason behind it.. my mom is diabetic while my dad is diabetic too plus high blood pressure with a heart problem.. and all that listed above is hereditary diaseases and of coz plus few other factors

But (there is always a but) hehehe.. once in a while let me indulge in good ol fatty food ok *wink wink*