Tuesday, December 21

Spring Onion & Parsley overload

My gosh.. my broadband is damn slow.. It is almost impossible to browse let alone blog without cursing.. But today tetibe laju plak.. Just a lame update actually.. Please bear with me

This is a picx of a chicken soup which is still in a periok.. since I'm generous it is overloaded with spring onion & parsley.. to be frank I bought those at tesco so it is in bulk.. whether I like it or not, I need to finish it in short time of period, if not it will be rotten.. rugi la pulak kan?

Ok now on the informative side.. this soup also will be consume by faheem.. so there is no weird stuff in it or tumis dgn minyak thingy.. to those busy mother, those who just introduced chicken to their baby & ur dish is so hanyir till ur own baby refuse to eat it *u know who u r* - u can always follow my way of cooking, if u want la.. if not aku pun x kesah.. perlu ke paksa kan.. everybody have their own style of parenting..

At first when I start introduced chicken in faheem's food, I just boiled chicken + carrot + potato.. then blend it with porridge.. the outcome.. DAMN HANYIR!! I tried to give it but i almost puke sbb kembang tekak bau hanyir.. sah sah la faheem pun refuse to eat it... so i tossed all of it & start cooking again - yes, i have plenty of time to cook a fresh new one

Since 8 months old baby can consume herbs oredi.. so I just blend a bit of garlic & ginger then campak dalam periuk + chicken + potato + carrot.. no need to add salt, no need to add oil or whatsoeva.. the garlic will tone down a few notch of the ke'hanyir'an level.. put aside faheem's portion then adjust it accordingly for adult consumption with salt, onion spring & parsley or other things u want la

I almost forgot, I always cut the carrot & potato in 2 ways - sliced & diced.. the smaller one i just leave it for our consumption and the bigger one is for faheem.. it is easier to pick the bigger chunks out masa asingkan soup untuk faheem.. kadang2 ada jugak yg tertinggal - like the cut carrot in the picx :P

I'll share how to cook beef plak in future k.. this is trickier sbb kalau rebus beef camtu je.. satu rumah bau lembu.. ahahahahha.. lagi hanyir ok *pening*

P/s - I'm a big believer in giving my baby a tasty dish.. I always tried it first before giving it to him.. I have a loyal tester too.. He also a big fan of my baby dishes.. He ate lotsa of faheem's mango puree

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  1. ok nanti bila aaron dah start makan, tolong buat extra k? i beli dari u. hahaha. syndrome working mother, tak ada masa nak masak!