Tuesday, December 28

Papa, Faheem & Posh

Papa had a minor heart attack last Friday.. Alhamdulillah his condition now is stable.. Just a matter of time to be discharged.. The reason why I said that bcoz from critical/emergency ward, he moved to normal daily ward since yesterday..

The critical/emergency ward is sooo cramped up.. Sangat x selesa, supposedly only 3 beds per row but they put 4 beds instead.. Even the utilities room ada patient dalam tu, a temporary one I guess.. We keep on requesting to move Papa to Bunga Raya ward.. Kata ada kad pesara as government officer.. sah sah la entitle utk first class ward.. heheheh.. but the Doctor didnt allow it as he need to monitor closely Papa's condition

Anyway at home Faheem keep on harrasing Posh.. Posh is his muse maybe bcoz she is alive n moving around + fluffy.. He is more interested with Posh compared to his toys.. At one time Posh is sleeping below the sofa then I saw Faheem korek2 sambil raba2 bawah sofa.. Kecik2 dah noti!

Favorite hobby.. harrassing Posh

Tarik ekor diaaaaa

Makhluk paling senang hati bila Faheem tido

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