Monday, December 6

Cheeky Boy

Today is 6th already? Huhuhu.. Time flies very fast. Faheem is now officially 8 months old.. On contrary I forgot to wish Ayong's birthday last Saturday.. Not that I forgotten her birthday, just that I lost track of the date *am gonna call her right now*

Faheem @ 8 months *gendut & bolat as usual*

This picx was taken 3 days back.. The day when he discovered that he can flip & roll his tounge.. U can see in the picture that he is flipping his tounge *bersungguh2* Skills that he inherits from his daddy side obviously since I can't do both..

Ok, tu je.. bye *sleepy monday mood* + it's raining

1 comment:

  1. So comel! Cheekynya muka hehe. Zahra pun suka buat hidung busuk mcm tu skrg. But tongue tu mmg tak boleh buat..both of us cant hehe