Tuesday, December 28

Papa, Faheem & Posh

Papa had a minor heart attack last Friday.. Alhamdulillah his condition now is stable.. Just a matter of time to be discharged.. The reason why I said that bcoz from critical/emergency ward, he moved to normal daily ward since yesterday..

The critical/emergency ward is sooo cramped up.. Sangat x selesa, supposedly only 3 beds per row but they put 4 beds instead.. Even the utilities room ada patient dalam tu, a temporary one I guess.. We keep on requesting to move Papa to Bunga Raya ward.. Kata ada kad pesara as government officer.. sah sah la entitle utk first class ward.. heheheh.. but the Doctor didnt allow it as he need to monitor closely Papa's condition

Anyway at home Faheem keep on harrasing Posh.. Posh is his muse maybe bcoz she is alive n moving around + fluffy.. He is more interested with Posh compared to his toys.. At one time Posh is sleeping below the sofa then I saw Faheem korek2 sambil raba2 bawah sofa.. Kecik2 dah noti!

Favorite hobby.. harrassing Posh

Tarik ekor diaaaaa

Makhluk paling senang hati bila Faheem tido

Wednesday, December 22


What I can conclude about my cat.. she is adorable, very homey - she hates to explore outside world even when the door is wide open, sleep like 23 hours per day, house training - she never peed or pooed merata unless there is one time the toilet door is shut so she peed at the toilet door.. sure dah x tahan gila tu

But recently I discovered that she is really patient, I mean really super duper patient.. Since Faheem now is very mobile, he can crawl super fast + his curiousity.. guess what? the cat become the sole casualty.. I am tired keep on saying stuff like this..

"Faheem, jangan kacau Posh tido"
"Faheem, jangan tarik telinga Posh"
"Faheem, jangan tarik ekor Posh"
"Faheem, jangan tarik bulu Posh"

"Posh.. boleh tido tempat lain x?"
"Posh, Faheem datang.. lari cepat!"
"Posh! blahhhh arrr"

My semi-yelling didnt work at all.. When the situation turns bad, eg bunch of bulu Posh dah tertanggal.. I took Faheem away, wash his hand and put him far away from Posh.. Tapi itulah, kalau sebelah pihak bertepuk tangan x menjadi tau! Not long after that, Posh voluntarily come nearer to us.. So how?

And this cat.. boleh x? Kene tarik telinga/bulu/ekor pun tunduk jeeee..Pastuh tanak lari jauh2 plak tu.. Redha je.. Tader attemp nak cakar or even kluakan kuku, tak penah meowing with angry tone.. Is she a saint in her previous life? Even I myself pun sometimes bengang kat Faheem bila rambut kene tarik *saket ok* but the cat.. wahhhh, sangat penyabar okeh!

Patience is my virtue

Tuesday, December 21

Spring Onion & Parsley overload

My gosh.. my broadband is damn slow.. It is almost impossible to browse let alone blog without cursing.. But today tetibe laju plak.. Just a lame update actually.. Please bear with me

This is a picx of a chicken soup which is still in a periok.. since I'm generous it is overloaded with spring onion & parsley.. to be frank I bought those at tesco so it is in bulk.. whether I like it or not, I need to finish it in short time of period, if not it will be rotten.. rugi la pulak kan?

Ok now on the informative side.. this soup also will be consume by faheem.. so there is no weird stuff in it or tumis dgn minyak thingy.. to those busy mother, those who just introduced chicken to their baby & ur dish is so hanyir till ur own baby refuse to eat it *u know who u r* - u can always follow my way of cooking, if u want la.. if not aku pun x kesah.. perlu ke paksa kan.. everybody have their own style of parenting..

At first when I start introduced chicken in faheem's food, I just boiled chicken + carrot + potato.. then blend it with porridge.. the outcome.. DAMN HANYIR!! I tried to give it but i almost puke sbb kembang tekak bau hanyir.. sah sah la faheem pun refuse to eat it... so i tossed all of it & start cooking again - yes, i have plenty of time to cook a fresh new one

Since 8 months old baby can consume herbs oredi.. so I just blend a bit of garlic & ginger then campak dalam periuk + chicken + potato + carrot.. no need to add salt, no need to add oil or whatsoeva.. the garlic will tone down a few notch of the ke'hanyir'an level.. put aside faheem's portion then adjust it accordingly for adult consumption with salt, onion spring & parsley or other things u want la

I almost forgot, I always cut the carrot & potato in 2 ways - sliced & diced.. the smaller one i just leave it for our consumption and the bigger one is for faheem.. it is easier to pick the bigger chunks out masa asingkan soup untuk faheem.. kadang2 ada jugak yg tertinggal - like the cut carrot in the picx :P

I'll share how to cook beef plak in future k.. this is trickier sbb kalau rebus beef camtu je.. satu rumah bau lembu.. ahahahahha.. lagi hanyir ok *pening*

P/s - I'm a big believer in giving my baby a tasty dish.. I always tried it first before giving it to him.. I have a loyal tester too.. He also a big fan of my baby dishes.. He ate lotsa of faheem's mango puree

Tuesday, December 14

Purple Tudung

@ gym's noticeboard
When I read this notice, I giggled then snap a picx from my phone.. I think the notice is adorable/cute or at least one of the staff have good sense of humor.. Then, I realized sumthing.. So basically the owner of the tudung come to the gym wearing a tudung but leave without one.. Maybe she totally forgot bout the tudung and headed back home freehair.. or she have extra tudung.. huhu

Monday, December 13


Tido meniarap, mulut nganga.. Pastu meninggalkan tompok tompok taik unta air liur basi.. Tompok ketiga dalam proses pembikinan..

Wednesday, December 8

Year End Sale

Year End Sale version PDRM.. This week all summons (including long overdue zaman tok kadok one) will be given 50% off.. Next week will be only 30% off.. So hurry up!! Since laki bini suke bawak laju & parking merata, mrasa bayar la saman2 yang bergodang2 tu.. eh yang parking merata tu apply kat bini sahaja *hiks*

P/s - Sedeh duit terbang. >_<

Monday, December 6

Cheeky Boy

Today is 6th already? Huhuhu.. Time flies very fast. Faheem is now officially 8 months old.. On contrary I forgot to wish Ayong's birthday last Saturday.. Not that I forgotten her birthday, just that I lost track of the date *am gonna call her right now*

Faheem @ 8 months *gendut & bolat as usual*

This picx was taken 3 days back.. The day when he discovered that he can flip & roll his tounge.. U can see in the picture that he is flipping his tounge *bersungguh2* Skills that he inherits from his daddy side obviously since I can't do both..

Ok, tu je.. bye *sleepy monday mood* + it's raining