Thursday, November 25

Banana Toffee no more

I've been busy.. The house is messy with old newspaper, canvas, dust, paint, burshes etc etc.. There is no place for me to open my cutie red laptop, hence the lack of updates here.. Currently we are revamping our house to be more loveable, livable (ada ke word ni?)

Thats the issue actually, if we have bucketsss of money then everything can be done in one shot.. but we are not! I always envy the person who is rich by default where their parents kaya raya & they dont have to care bout money at all.. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for what I have now altho memang asek tak puas hati tsk! >_<

When I was in my third trimester, we had minor renovation.. we changed the third bedroom to a walk-in closet and link it to masterbedroom.. the door is no longer a common door, now it is a massive mirror (no wonder my baby is vain).. oh my! the said 'minor renovation' cost us nearly 10k.. wanted to install carpet tapiiii x cukup duit! ahahahah

This time round, we gave the dining & living area a facelift! Previous color - banana toffee.. very earthy, warm hue.. simple nothing extravagant.. But now it is freaking creeping willow.. somehow i think it looks a bit like kindergarten

The outcome, we painted this ourselves.. Too minor to hire people sebenarnya nak jimat duit If anyone interested, the paint is by Nippon Paint - The flourescent green is called Creeping Willow while the white creamish color is Barley White.. fyi, the flower is not hand painted, we are not that creative la.. Wall deco sticker by ikea RM49.90 only.. tapi selalu out of stock.. there are more wall deco designs available at Harvey Norman but a bit expensive compared to ikea :)

This is the said wall before the face lift.. to be exact during the undercoat phase.. Before applying the creeping willow, we have to paint a white undercoat due to our previous paint, the Banana Toffee is a bit dark.. if we paint the creeping willow rightaway the color might not be as desired.. ouh, excuse the ALONG wannabe..

A contractor will come this evening to install the new wall shelf & the new doorbell (finally!!).. Once everything is in order, then we will be scouting for new slim tv, home theater set and waiting for Astro to install the Astro BEYOND dish as well as the decoder.. Cant wait to finish everything up bcoz I hate seeing Faheem being detained in the room only.. U know coz outside is so dusty n messy

All in all, what do u guys think about the new wall? ok laaa? Too kindergarten-ish? fresh? cute? woi, korang buta ke apa, buruk lah!!?


  1. Looks good, your wall. Good job!

  2. hye dear,

    i ada email u about spanx haritu, read your reply and i dah email balik.. check inbox ye, nak order pantas2 hehe :) tq!

  3. ur new wall sama sebijik dgn i.. kaler hijau and bunga 3 kuntum tuh..:)