Tuesday, November 9

AH Sale

Ladies & Bags loverssss.. Anya Hindmarch is having a sale!! Discount up to 60% off.. Even their Fall/Winter 2010 collection is on sale, that is their latest collection by the way.. woo hooo.. but for 20% off lje a, not 60% off :P

Pergila u ols kirai duit.. I tader duit nak kirai skang ni.. Bila la orang yang berhutang ngan I tuh nak setelkan hutang.. Camaner nak mintak balik ar kalau orang tu memang jenis tak tau malu, tahan makian n what not?


  1. Oh dear, I completely understand what you mean. It is harder if the person yang berhutang is a family member. Sighhh..

    Where is the nearest AH boutique eh?

  2. luckily the person is not a family member, if not mmg lagi ackward..

    AH stores ada kat KLCC, Pavilion (dalam parkson), The Gardens (dalam Isetan) & 1 Utama (dalam parkson)