Friday, November 12

100% Protein

Anybody watched Amazing Race Asia, Season 4 yesterday? After yesterday's episode my cheers (like they care?) belong to Malaysian Team Khairie & Ethan.. The main reason is Khairie ate a witchetty grub easily as if it is a piece of yummy cake! The yuckiest part is the contestant need to eat it alive.. konfem menguik nguik menatang tu dalam mulut *uwek uwek*

Witchetty Grub, dare to taste it? Fresh Protein I tell u.. huhu
I think the dirty hand looks more disgusting compared to the grub

Kudos to Hussein too.. that old chap also ate the grub steady jer.. apakah? He also tried his best to do the circus trapeze (in previous episode) kalau aku dah mati keras sbb gayat bergayut kene wat trapeze Anyway he can't complete it & took the 4 hours penalty. It's ok.. Give him some slack, he is old.. My cheers are with them as well, Indonesian Team Natasha & Hussein

I can say I watched almost all epidose of Amazing Race & Amazing Race Asia.. Basically bcoz travelling, seeing new culture is interesting as well as exciting.. Sadly I cant explore that much due to some reasons which I will not reveal here anyway.. Shyt, I feel crap already.. What a great way to start a new day.. Signing off *emo* *saket hati* *envy*


  1. dear, i tak tgk habis yg episod pakcik husin amek penalty 4 jam tu..

    adakah tiada penyingkiran episod tu?

  2. oh.. episode tu tader pitstop pun.. kan clue tu ckp allan wu is waiting.. mmg dia tgh tunggu pehtu dia bg clue lagi.. so race sambung lagi la.. masa tuh dah mlm kan.. so derang kene gi brisbane.. tp flight plg awal ko 6.05 pagi.. so pakcik hussein dpt catch up la sbb semua terbang flight yg sama

    teaser sgt kan.. ahahah

  3. Tatau la camne diorg leh makan, kalo mokcik, pitam dulu@~


    P/s - Ita dearie, bleh bgtau Abg Yeh, it's not our side of the family.. Hehhehe.. *evil grin*

    Our side mmg ada, tapi not to the extent bleh buat post entry.. :P

  4. oh i like TARA. i pun watch diligently.
    eh malam ni ade kan? hohoho.
    and i soooo want to participate. tapi takde partner. whose in for 2011? =D
    =D =D

  5. btw bencik lah. Malaysian team out edi.

  6. lily >> bring it on! tapi aku x reti berenang..