Thursday, November 25

Banana Toffee no more

I've been busy.. The house is messy with old newspaper, canvas, dust, paint, burshes etc etc.. There is no place for me to open my cutie red laptop, hence the lack of updates here.. Currently we are revamping our house to be more loveable, livable (ada ke word ni?)

Thats the issue actually, if we have bucketsss of money then everything can be done in one shot.. but we are not! I always envy the person who is rich by default where their parents kaya raya & they dont have to care bout money at all.. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for what I have now altho memang asek tak puas hati tsk! >_<

When I was in my third trimester, we had minor renovation.. we changed the third bedroom to a walk-in closet and link it to masterbedroom.. the door is no longer a common door, now it is a massive mirror (no wonder my baby is vain).. oh my! the said 'minor renovation' cost us nearly 10k.. wanted to install carpet tapiiii x cukup duit! ahahahah

This time round, we gave the dining & living area a facelift! Previous color - banana toffee.. very earthy, warm hue.. simple nothing extravagant.. But now it is freaking creeping willow.. somehow i think it looks a bit like kindergarten

The outcome, we painted this ourselves.. Too minor to hire people sebenarnya nak jimat duit If anyone interested, the paint is by Nippon Paint - The flourescent green is called Creeping Willow while the white creamish color is Barley White.. fyi, the flower is not hand painted, we are not that creative la.. Wall deco sticker by ikea RM49.90 only.. tapi selalu out of stock.. there are more wall deco designs available at Harvey Norman but a bit expensive compared to ikea :)

This is the said wall before the face lift.. to be exact during the undercoat phase.. Before applying the creeping willow, we have to paint a white undercoat due to our previous paint, the Banana Toffee is a bit dark.. if we paint the creeping willow rightaway the color might not be as desired.. ouh, excuse the ALONG wannabe..

A contractor will come this evening to install the new wall shelf & the new doorbell (finally!!).. Once everything is in order, then we will be scouting for new slim tv, home theater set and waiting for Astro to install the Astro BEYOND dish as well as the decoder.. Cant wait to finish everything up bcoz I hate seeing Faheem being detained in the room only.. U know coz outside is so dusty n messy

All in all, what do u guys think about the new wall? ok laaa? Too kindergarten-ish? fresh? cute? woi, korang buta ke apa, buruk lah!!?

Tuesday, November 16

Excited baby..

Last Saturday, I made use of Faheem's godmother to help me.. We went to Toys r us & bought the activity table for him.. There is no way I can manage handling Faheem + stroller + carseat, while carrying Faheem's stuff (susu, diapers, wet tissue, etc), carrying my handbag then holding a big box of the 8tvt table.. Ingat aku superwoman kah? Basically I can do all that I mention above, minus the box.. So, that's y a pair of extra hand is needed to hold the box

Where is the daddy? As usual the daddy is not around.. Perlu ke 40 juta kali nak mention.. laki melks tu kan mmg slalu outstation lama2.. And yes, I'll be driving back to my hometown by myself with Faheem today.. On the Raya day itself, Daddy will be joining us if he manage to catch the flight.. itu pun x konfem.. Kesimpulan, janganla berharap sangat..

This is faheem's excited face when he started playing with his new toys the next morning.. He also scream excitedly.. Priceless!! All thanks to Auntie Sasa.. Btw, did u gals noticed our new colorful carpet?

Clearer picture of the new colorful carpet.. I tossed the brown carpet to the store room & switched to this.. One of the measure for childproofing the house.. Mahal okeh bende ni!! 1 set ada 26 keping harga Rm89.95 kat toys r us.. We bought 2 sets.. Anak punya pasal.. Camner Mummy nak beli Gucci ni? Kate Spade pun masih kabur..

P/s - Selamat Hari raya Aidiladha to all.. Drive safely ya..

P/s 2 - Sasa told me that I'm quite efficient on "punggah memunggah" stroller klua & masuk bonet kereta, attach & detach the carseat.. Well Sasa, to tell u the truth I'm quite flattered.. A simple praise that really made my day.. Thats y lengan I mantap, gagah perkasa gitu :P

Friday, November 12

100% Protein

Anybody watched Amazing Race Asia, Season 4 yesterday? After yesterday's episode my cheers (like they care?) belong to Malaysian Team Khairie & Ethan.. The main reason is Khairie ate a witchetty grub easily as if it is a piece of yummy cake! The yuckiest part is the contestant need to eat it alive.. konfem menguik nguik menatang tu dalam mulut *uwek uwek*

Witchetty Grub, dare to taste it? Fresh Protein I tell u.. huhu
I think the dirty hand looks more disgusting compared to the grub

Kudos to Hussein too.. that old chap also ate the grub steady jer.. apakah? He also tried his best to do the circus trapeze (in previous episode) kalau aku dah mati keras sbb gayat bergayut kene wat trapeze Anyway he can't complete it & took the 4 hours penalty. It's ok.. Give him some slack, he is old.. My cheers are with them as well, Indonesian Team Natasha & Hussein

I can say I watched almost all epidose of Amazing Race & Amazing Race Asia.. Basically bcoz travelling, seeing new culture is interesting as well as exciting.. Sadly I cant explore that much due to some reasons which I will not reveal here anyway.. Shyt, I feel crap already.. What a great way to start a new day.. Signing off *emo* *saket hati* *envy*

Thursday, November 11

Capsized Ducklings

Faheem is now 7 months.. Alhamdulillah, he is progressing well.. At 7 months, he can crawl, sit & stand with support.. Ouh dont let me start with the standing phase.. He uses everything that he can grab as support & hold to that in order for him to stand.. His favorites are the sofa, the tv cabinet, the dining chair & even us.. terasa cam pokok plak bila budak tu panjat kitorang yg tgh duduk

Since he can sit, means that he can have longer bathtime.. Previously, of course we need to support his back n neck, haruslah cepat2 mandikan sebab malas pegang lama2.. Hehehehe.. So we bought bathtime toys for him.. to be precise a mother duck & 2 ducklings..

The ducklings can float but the problem is in capsized positon
Motif kan? Terbalik macam bot karam!

Maybe they still need their mommy..

Wednesday, November 10

Turtles @ Rantau Abang

As promised, I dont think people care whether I upload these pictures or not, but a promise is still a promise! few pictures while we were at Rantau Abang visiting the Turtle Information Centre cum turtles hatchery cum turtles sanctuary..

Big stone signage with shining turtles.. yes, it's shining - no kidding
Take a good look at the N, tergelincir dari landasan dah :P

Inside the Information Centre
Sebelah kanan tu, replica Penyu Belimbimbing
Actual size - besar okehhhhh!

Me: Kenapa sekor penyu tuh bergayut kat jaring?
DH: Itu gambaran penyu tersangkut kat jala nelayan lah!!

A one week old baby turtle.. x ingat spesies apa

lone ranger / lonely baby turtle
biasa mengepak2, tapi masa nak capture gambar ni
pandai pulak duk diam n floating je

Wanted to hold the baby turtle, but too afraid to ask
Tetibe Abang 2 bulang tu amik sekor n bagi kitorang pegang
Apalagi snap gambar la..
Early lesson for the turtle - camwhoring 101

Ini bukan kura-kura, ini ialah Tuntung Laut

Tuesday, November 9

AH Sale

Ladies & Bags loverssss.. Anya Hindmarch is having a sale!! Discount up to 60% off.. Even their Fall/Winter 2010 collection is on sale, that is their latest collection by the way.. woo hooo.. but for 20% off lje a, not 60% off :P

Pergila u ols kirai duit.. I tader duit nak kirai skang ni.. Bila la orang yang berhutang ngan I tuh nak setelkan hutang.. Camaner nak mintak balik ar kalau orang tu memang jenis tak tau malu, tahan makian n what not?

Monday, November 8

Easy Peasy Asam Laksa

Dah lama x share recipe kat sini.. Sebabnya mmg dah lama gila I x try recipe baru.. Asek masak lauk pauk yg common.. takkan la korang nak I tepek recipe kacang panjang goreng ngan fishball, or ikan kembung kicap, udang goreng pedas ke.. Apa kes kan?

Okeh, ni dia recipe asam laksa.. bahan2 nya
  1. 1 pek laksa beras - ni laksa kering, kedai runcit I gi tu tader jual laksa basah.. tp leh tahan lama nak rebus laksa beras ni tu pun still kenyal n chewy lagi
  2. 2 tin of sardines - isi je, kuah tomato puree tu tamo
  3. 2 sachets of ADABI 'Asam Pedas' paste
  4. 3 teaspoon of cili boh - recipe asal tulis 3, i letak 1 teaspoon je.. I x kuat pedas la
  5. 2 kuntum bunga kantan - slice into 4 section each
  6. bawang merah (tumbuk) - 4-6 biji, kalau guna bawang merah yg bapak besar tuh letak sebiji dah la
  7. bawang putih (tumbuk) - 3-5 biji
  8. asam keping, or asam jawa

For garnishing, depends on your liking..

  1. bawang besar
  2. bunga kantan
  3. daun kesum - oh, I malas nak hiris daun kesum ni halus2 so daun kesum tu i campak je dalam kuah.. tp ada org komplen byk sampah dlm kuah.. susah nak makan
  4. cucumber
  5. limau kasturi
  6. cili padi - konfem la mmg tade, mmg stok laki bini x kuat pedas

Method.. how to?

  1. tumis cili boh until pecah minyak
  2. tambah bawang putih & bawang merah yg telah ditumbuk, bunga kantan
  3. then masukkan paste asam pedas ngan asam keping
  4. masukkan air - depends la u ols ske kuat pekat or kuah cair sket
  5. masukkan sardines.. pecah2kan sket tp jgn la sampai hancur lebur barai
  6. then adjust la rasa depends on ur preference - garam n gulanya
  7. last but not least, hirisla garnishing tu dgn gigih!

The result... :)

I rasa I masak sedap!! Hahaha matila angkat bakul sendiri

Credit to LadyVerde for this easy peasy recipe.. Eh, camner nak copy then paste kat blogspot ni? Apersal i cube paste dia tak bagi.. or my laptop yg acting weird? saper2 tau, sila share kan!! letih okehhh retype recipe ni balik..

Wednesday, November 3

2 bulang ??!!

U gals might wondering what the heck is this.. Actually this is a hatching cage for the baby turtle!! Yes, we went to Rantau Abang.. Faheem wanted to see live baby turtle - not.. to be frank i'm the one yang over excited..

There are a lot of this cage thingy at the hatchery site.. but after asking Abang kerja situ, this is the last cage yet to be hatched, Penyu Agar punya telo.. as stated there are 83 eggs.. hopefully all of the eggs "menjadi" so dapatlah 83 ekor anak penyu *amin* - mari doa sama2, penyu dah nak pupus okehhhhh

Ouh, below is the conversation between the female reporter wannabe & the Abang

Reporter: Sangkar byk2 ni seme ada telo penyu eh?
Abang: Aah tp yg lain seme dah menetas, tinggal ni je tunggu masa
Reporter: tulis tanam masa merdeka, brapa lama br menetas?
Abang: 2 bulang...
Reporter: *tahan gelak, wat muka serius*

P/s - Kalau ikut kata Abang tu 2 bulan.. So hari ni dah 3Nov, ntah2 dah selamat menetas penyu2 tu
P/s2 - More pictures to be uploaded later..

Tuesday, November 2

Clueless Tweet Twitter Thingy

I finally joined the tweet twitter thingy.. I am so clueless how it works, for now :(

Monday, November 1

Gomo Klate Gomo

We spent our Saturday nite at Ayong's celebrating Haziq's birthday + watching Piala Malaysia.. U see I'm married to Kelantan guy, same goes to Ayong.. My BIL's brother is also there & he's married to a kelantanese woman.. So 6 adults, 4 of them Kelantanese.. while me n Ayong from Pahang..

Ayong is cheering for N9 - I still have no idea why.. maybe just wanted to get to her husband nerves.. while I'm on neutral side busy eating memang buruk lantak. To cut short, Kelantan won the Piala Malaysia.. Secretly I really hope they won bcoz if they don't, pity them.. 2 years in a row.. balik dengan tangan kosong.. hohohoho

In conjunction of winning Piala Malaysia, DH declares yesterday (Sunday) as "Klate Day".. The whole day he kecek klate...seriously no kiding.. kecek klate with me, kecek klate with faheem, kecek klate with makcik kat Pasar Malam.. Luckily he speaks normal BM dengan Mamat cina jual handphone kat Digital Mall

Where am I going with this entry? Macam dah melalut je..

Ouhhh, yes.. My point is, mak pening u ols dengar dialect kelantan dari pagi sampai malam.