Thursday, October 14

Worst Cendol everrrrrr

I just had theworst cendol everrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Their version of ice cendol is take a bowl then fill it up with water + syrup + cendol + coconut milk + sweet corn.. then dump a few ice cubes.. ice cubes?? wth! Maybe they just out of big block of ice *sigh*

Ouh to make it worst, the coconut milk taste a bit tengik n the syrup is way tooo much hence make the cendol super duper sweet.. Not to be forgotten it looks a bit disgusting too

At first sip - I was shock.. I questioned myself, is my tastebud process it wrongly? So I took second sip and that's it.. Yup, the cendol is really really bad.. I lost my appetite & requested the waitress to pack my Fried Rice then blah from the restaurant within a blink.. Ok I lied, within few blinks

P/s - Didn't snap the picture of it coz after the second sip, I asked the waitress to take it away from my table
P/s/2 - Bluerghhhhhhhh!!