Friday, October 29

Such a cutie *grin*

Went to KLCC today to have a catch up session with my 2 BFF's.. Well, Sasa is always here (bila nak jog lagi?) but Jes.. haihhh, what can I say.. Hmm, she might consider to apply for Sarawak - to be precise Bintulu permanent resident matilah konfem kene maki pasnih :P

We had fun, eating, trying shoes, parading handbags.. handbags that we cant afford to own lah not our own handbag.. It's Chanel btw.. almost fainted when I saw the price tag freaking 12k.. bila la nak mampu? Beside harrasing Chanel's Sales Assistant, we managed to harras other SA to from AH, Tod's, Aigner, LV, Gucci and the list go on and on and on..

The downside of our so called adventure is... I lay my eyes (& my hand) at this cutie

Now, I'm drooling.. I can't stop thinking of it, I want it.. I should stay away from entering Gucci on the first place.. TOLONG!!!! I really really super duper totally like the bag.. I promise to myself not to buy new handbag for the next 9 months.. but I can't stop thinking about the Medium Joy Boston.. so how?


I think I'm gonna work harder to buy that cutie.. RM2850 to be save for the next 1 month? 2 months? 3 months.. Damn, I need to settle my Petronas Scholarship first.. Prioritize Ita! Prioritize Ita! Jangan ikut kata hati.... Demmittt


  1. u nak i jadi batu api ke? i suka je jadi batu api ni :p

  2. are-t >> kalau ikut hati, credit card konfem swipe sampai full limit.. hehehe

    sasa >> ari tu aku ckp mcm x betul je penggunaan "batu api" tu kan.. sebenarnya betul.. batu api maksud dia org yg menghasut.. hmmm..