Monday, October 18

His First Solid :)

Hmmm.. He starts his solid when he hit 5m & few days or so.. Wanted to wait till he is 6m but he is too eager (asek nganga je) specially when he saw us eating which subsequently made me eager to give him solid too.. Ouh plus out of nowhere he started wake up during night for milk, previously he usually sleeps thru the nite.. So Mommy not likeyyy, Mommy dislike waking up in the middle of nite.. Mommy didnt get enuff sleep, Mommy becomes cranky.. So, Mommy decide to give solid hoping that Faheem will sleep thru the nite again... bad Mommy! bad Mommy!!

Guess what? he didn't.. Padan muka Mommy.. He sleeps at 10pm, wake up at 4am then resume sleeping till 6am then golek2 atas katil

His first solid food is Mashed Potato + FM
And this is exactly his first sip of it..

And this is his reaction! Ahahahaha.. Priceless!!

P/s - Please excuse tshirt leher kembang Mommy, tu adalah baju tdo n tuan empunya diri memang tak mandi lagi *hiks*

P/s/2 - Will update his list of food he had so far & the outcome (love it, hmm ok, hate it!)


  1. comel faheem ni...semangat sungguh badan dia

  2. hihihi.. muke faheem pass makan tuh blur semacam jek :P kawaiisss!~

  3. Next thing to try, mash carrots, mash broccoli, mash cauliflower... not too young to start... can't wait for you to share more of baby food. You are the best, Itak. Love you!

  4. are-t >> tengok la mak bapak dia.. semangat gak (tanak gaku gemok tu)
    ah & lily >> expression muka dia for the first sip still same till now, dunno y
    ef >> haven't try brocolli & cauliflower coz it is said to be a bit gassy for baby.. tunggu maybe till he is 8month