Thursday, October 7

Erra, I'm sorry

Last Monday, we watched Tun M the Musical at Istana Budaya.. First timer watching theater (stand up comedian at Studio's Actor x kira kan?) as well as first timer jejak kaki at Istana Budaya.. Of coz there is the jakunness in me.. hihihi.. luckily we arrived a bit late so straightaway entered Panggung Sari.. if we r not late, I'm 100% sure all my jakunness will appear in no time.. touching, reading, awwwing, asking DH to snap my picx & whatnot

That evening I'm in hurry so I didn't wear my contacts but I brought along my glasses.. however I left it in my car (ampes betul).. Actually we meet up at SIL's & leave Faheem there then went to IB by his car.. then I started babbling to DH "mana nak nampak, nanti leh nampak bayang2 je..bebebebe" Once there, the usherer showed us our place n guess what?? It is 3rd row from the stage!!! AWESOME!! Thanks to my dear friend for giving us the tickets.. :)

Due to the awesome seating, we are like 4-5 metres away from Erra, Esma Daniel, Azizan Nin.. I can see clearly their expression.. Chihihi.. Ouh, ada benda tabes gak.. Kitorang makan asap.. asap motor, asap kereta, asap stage..

During intermission - moreless 15 minutes, DH just want to seat & wait but I insist to explore IB (read:jakun).. Then we saw standing board of the casting.. Apalagi, cepat jer mencelah nak tangkap gambar.. Kecoh2 nak pose tangkap gambar then I accidentally hit Erra's standing board lalu Erra pun menjunam jatuh.. Quickly picked her up, *pose* for the picture above then blah as fast as I can.. Few people near the area actually laughing at me thats y need to blah cepat2

Well, now I can remember that my first time at Istana Budaya I knocked down Erra.. Kalau term dalam wrestling kira Erra dah KO (knockout) di tangan I!! Gagah Perkasa tau I ni.. Makan muntah Badang kot or Erra kurus sangat --> ayat berbaur jeles.. bila la aku nak kurus nih.. hmppphhh!

The performance ended around 11.30pm.. We didnt had dinner yet so towards the end of the performance we seriously cant concentrate that much coz we are demn hungry.. sket lagi nak jadi singa *roarrr*... After the show, I whispered to DH "I am so going to see theater again, next show NATRAH on December!!" Eh, nak review ke? Well, this is my first time watching.. I have nothing to compare to.. There u go, my review! *larikkkk*


  1. kasihan erra! diKO kn oleh sang badang..muekekek

    teringin nk pegi tgk teater, hr tu dh plan nk tgk cuci the musical tp xdo teman..sob sob sobbb

  2. huwaaa i missed this!!! kenapa tidak diajak saya??? lol. i knew about this since June and lepas tu totally forgot about it. bah. gile knocked down Erra, kahkahkahkahkah. eh bes tak? didn't know my dad wanted to see it. if not bley je i beli tiket since June lagi (kalau ajak DH, mesti suh i sponsor tiket, chis). btw, cantiklah baju u. dah lama i tak shop for myself. hahaha bagus tak?

  3. Ita, i can imagine kegelabahan u when u knock down Erra...hehe...then bleh sambung pose tu...cayalah....anyway, u tak yah la nak jeles ngan erra, u pun kurus gak...and u look nice in that dress.

  4. Itak, you look fabulous! The outfit is great and your body has returned to it's tight body state :) Goodie good!