Wednesday, October 13

Christian Dior

We need something new to mess around with! Let's start it.. Put the label name that match with your current status as blog title.. :)
  • Single - Gucci
  • In Love - Prada
  • Unhappy In Love - Diesel
  • In a Relationship - DKNY
  • Married - Hugo Boss
  • Engaged - Lacoste
  • Frustrated - Armani
  • Out of S*ex - Christian Dior

Hmmm, a friend of mine wrote she's a CHANEL.. New label for "It's complicated".. So if u girls have other status, just declare it with a new label name.. ahahahhaa.. Ok girls, sila buat.. MK, Hantumakan, Eyda, Lily, CC, Zal, Jesz, Tinie, Ilot tade masa kot.. Hmm frankly I have no idea who else reading my blog.. Okies toodles~

P/s - I'm out of s*ex for the next 6 days, period u ols :P


  1. hye. pembaca baru blog anda. =)
    saya adalah gucci hihi

  2. welcome.. heip! wat kat blog sendiri.. baru spread mende ni.. i got this from others gak

  3. i thought this game kt FB sajork?
    sudah merebak ke blog? =P

  4. leh tak i nak join gak ?
    call me GUCCI :P

  5. cc >> aku ada gak dpt mende ni kat handphone.. kat celah mana aku nak declare "CD" pun x tau

    izzu >> ko bukan gucci.. ko adalah BRAND NEW Gucci

  6. ita...saya Hugo Boss:)..nanti ada masa saya wat kat blog..hehehe

  7. I've been Gucci for not for long

    Fall in Prada hmmm few times

    Diesel when I'm tired & semua budak laki rumah buat hal

    I'm DKNY for sure

    I'm Hugo Boss with two super active boys

    I was Lacoste once

    Armani when I can't shop the things that I want right there & then

    I'm Christian Dior when nature calls lah kan

  8. are-t >> saja je wat ni ske2, abeskan masa :P
    mk >> wow! sungguh kreatip
    btw, ARMANI gak bila taleh beli what i want there & then.. drool je la yg mampu

  9. darn. adakah saya patut blog ini? blog saya sungguh bersawang sejak beranak 2 hahahah.