Friday, October 29

Such a cutie *grin*

Went to KLCC today to have a catch up session with my 2 BFF's.. Well, Sasa is always here (bila nak jog lagi?) but Jes.. haihhh, what can I say.. Hmm, she might consider to apply for Sarawak - to be precise Bintulu permanent resident matilah konfem kene maki pasnih :P

We had fun, eating, trying shoes, parading handbags.. handbags that we cant afford to own lah not our own handbag.. It's Chanel btw.. almost fainted when I saw the price tag freaking 12k.. bila la nak mampu? Beside harrasing Chanel's Sales Assistant, we managed to harras other SA to from AH, Tod's, Aigner, LV, Gucci and the list go on and on and on..

The downside of our so called adventure is... I lay my eyes (& my hand) at this cutie

Now, I'm drooling.. I can't stop thinking of it, I want it.. I should stay away from entering Gucci on the first place.. TOLONG!!!! I really really super duper totally like the bag.. I promise to myself not to buy new handbag for the next 9 months.. but I can't stop thinking about the Medium Joy Boston.. so how?


I think I'm gonna work harder to buy that cutie.. RM2850 to be save for the next 1 month? 2 months? 3 months.. Damn, I need to settle my Petronas Scholarship first.. Prioritize Ita! Prioritize Ita! Jangan ikut kata hati.... Demmittt

Wednesday, October 27

Baby B in the House! Heheheee...

Enough of rant posts, now we move on to happier news.. weeeee.. finally, new baby arrived!! let's call her baby B, a very quiet baby who doesn't scream or cry when hungry :P

welcome to your new home...

I hope i really can pull off the look with it - my first ever white handbag.. Trying something different coz all this while my handbag will always be in dark colors - black, brown, navy blue.. that's it

Tuesday, October 26


Warning = another rant post

Have u ever heard bout BING & 4Square Application? If no - let it be.. If yes, u know what i mean... I hate those application! Well helllooo?! R u kidding me? Reasons y I hate it..
  1. I'm not interested where u r
  2. It is so lame if u keep on check-in at the same place few times a day, everyday
  3. U might get urself a stalker
  4. Get a life, ko tade keje lain ke? GIGIH check-in

Sunday, October 24

WKY 7755

bas kaler ijau, Mutiara Ekspress WKY 7755 -- demn yuuuuu!!!

near miss accident at Karak Hiway, 24/10/2010.. 4.35pm moreless... i was at the fast lane as usual matilah mmg driver melebihi halaju yg tegar.. the bus was at the left lane.. there is a car in front of me with quite a gap, safe distance i wud call it.. and there is red gen2 behind me follow baeeek punya, not a safe distance tho

kalau ye pun nak overtake, pandang la dulu.. bodo tau bus driver ni, out of nowhere tetibe menghimpit masuk lane kanan! wtf weihhh? ruang ada skit, ko mencelah.. mencelah x cukup space pulak tu! bongok punya bus driver! can u imagine a fragile waja - right side = tembok divider, left side = big green stupid express bus!! Tekan emergency brake, kalau x mmg bucu kiri mmg kene sagat dah dgn bas.. Luckily red gen2 driver cekap gak n tekan brake gak altho dia folo rapat.. well i dun mind people tailing u closely if u r an alert driver!

i look at the back mirror n saw the red gen2 driver tengah geleng2 kepala sambil tgn naik turun.. i am pretty sure dia tengah menyumpah seranah bas tuh.. at that time the first thing come into my mind is faheem.. faheem's carseat is at co-driver while i'm driving, can't imagine what will happen if the bus sandwich our waja?

what if I didnt manage to press the brake paddle on time?
what if the red gen2 driver didnt manage to press the brake paddle on time?

damn u, stupid fuc*king bus driver!

P/s - syukur alhamdulilah x jadi ape2

P/s2 - contradict sgt, kat entry meyumpah seranah.. tetibe syukur alhamdulilah.. well.. sumpah seranah happened while i'm still driving.. the syukur part comes after we safely arrived our house at Kota Damansara

Monday, October 18

His First Solid :)

Hmmm.. He starts his solid when he hit 5m & few days or so.. Wanted to wait till he is 6m but he is too eager (asek nganga je) specially when he saw us eating which subsequently made me eager to give him solid too.. Ouh plus out of nowhere he started wake up during night for milk, previously he usually sleeps thru the nite.. So Mommy not likeyyy, Mommy dislike waking up in the middle of nite.. Mommy didnt get enuff sleep, Mommy becomes cranky.. So, Mommy decide to give solid hoping that Faheem will sleep thru the nite again... bad Mommy! bad Mommy!!

Guess what? he didn't.. Padan muka Mommy.. He sleeps at 10pm, wake up at 4am then resume sleeping till 6am then golek2 atas katil

His first solid food is Mashed Potato + FM
And this is exactly his first sip of it..

And this is his reaction! Ahahahaha.. Priceless!!

P/s - Please excuse tshirt leher kembang Mommy, tu adalah baju tdo n tuan empunya diri memang tak mandi lagi *hiks*

P/s/2 - Will update his list of food he had so far & the outcome (love it, hmm ok, hate it!)

Thursday, October 14

Worst Cendol everrrrrr

I just had theworst cendol everrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Their version of ice cendol is take a bowl then fill it up with water + syrup + cendol + coconut milk + sweet corn.. then dump a few ice cubes.. ice cubes?? wth! Maybe they just out of big block of ice *sigh*

Ouh to make it worst, the coconut milk taste a bit tengik n the syrup is way tooo much hence make the cendol super duper sweet.. Not to be forgotten it looks a bit disgusting too

At first sip - I was shock.. I questioned myself, is my tastebud process it wrongly? So I took second sip and that's it.. Yup, the cendol is really really bad.. I lost my appetite & requested the waitress to pack my Fried Rice then blah from the restaurant within a blink.. Ok I lied, within few blinks

P/s - Didn't snap the picture of it coz after the second sip, I asked the waitress to take it away from my table
P/s/2 - Bluerghhhhhhhh!!

Wednesday, October 13

Christian Dior

We need something new to mess around with! Let's start it.. Put the label name that match with your current status as blog title.. :)
  • Single - Gucci
  • In Love - Prada
  • Unhappy In Love - Diesel
  • In a Relationship - DKNY
  • Married - Hugo Boss
  • Engaged - Lacoste
  • Frustrated - Armani
  • Out of S*ex - Christian Dior

Hmmm, a friend of mine wrote she's a CHANEL.. New label for "It's complicated".. So if u girls have other status, just declare it with a new label name.. ahahahhaa.. Ok girls, sila buat.. MK, Hantumakan, Eyda, Lily, CC, Zal, Jesz, Tinie, Ilot tade masa kot.. Hmm frankly I have no idea who else reading my blog.. Okies toodles~

P/s - I'm out of s*ex for the next 6 days, period u ols :P

Thursday, October 7

Erra, I'm sorry

Last Monday, we watched Tun M the Musical at Istana Budaya.. First timer watching theater (stand up comedian at Studio's Actor x kira kan?) as well as first timer jejak kaki at Istana Budaya.. Of coz there is the jakunness in me.. hihihi.. luckily we arrived a bit late so straightaway entered Panggung Sari.. if we r not late, I'm 100% sure all my jakunness will appear in no time.. touching, reading, awwwing, asking DH to snap my picx & whatnot

That evening I'm in hurry so I didn't wear my contacts but I brought along my glasses.. however I left it in my car (ampes betul).. Actually we meet up at SIL's & leave Faheem there then went to IB by his car.. then I started babbling to DH "mana nak nampak, nanti leh nampak bayang2 je..bebebebe" Once there, the usherer showed us our place n guess what?? It is 3rd row from the stage!!! AWESOME!! Thanks to my dear friend for giving us the tickets.. :)

Due to the awesome seating, we are like 4-5 metres away from Erra, Esma Daniel, Azizan Nin.. I can see clearly their expression.. Chihihi.. Ouh, ada benda tabes gak.. Kitorang makan asap.. asap motor, asap kereta, asap stage..

During intermission - moreless 15 minutes, DH just want to seat & wait but I insist to explore IB (read:jakun).. Then we saw standing board of the casting.. Apalagi, cepat jer mencelah nak tangkap gambar.. Kecoh2 nak pose tangkap gambar then I accidentally hit Erra's standing board lalu Erra pun menjunam jatuh.. Quickly picked her up, *pose* for the picture above then blah as fast as I can.. Few people near the area actually laughing at me thats y need to blah cepat2

Well, now I can remember that my first time at Istana Budaya I knocked down Erra.. Kalau term dalam wrestling kira Erra dah KO (knockout) di tangan I!! Gagah Perkasa tau I ni.. Makan muntah Badang kot or Erra kurus sangat --> ayat berbaur jeles.. bila la aku nak kurus nih.. hmppphhh!

The performance ended around 11.30pm.. We didnt had dinner yet so towards the end of the performance we seriously cant concentrate that much coz we are demn hungry.. sket lagi nak jadi singa *roarrr*... After the show, I whispered to DH "I am so going to see theater again, next show NATRAH on December!!" Eh, nak review ke? Well, this is my first time watching.. I have nothing to compare to.. There u go, my review! *larikkkk*

Wednesday, October 6

Orange Fishy..

He is 6 today! 6 months it is, not 6 years old.. Currently, he is in rocking stage.. Not yet sit, not yet crawl, just hogek hogek depan belakang depan belakang.. Somehow I found it cute especially when he collapse lalu terbalik...

READY?... Not yet mummy!!


GET SET!!!....


Oooopppsssiee.. dah TERBALIK dah pun
Oh, I know this jumper have weird color combination.. purple, grey & orange.. but I like the big orange fish motif at his butt.. I just lurveeee to spank him.. Alaaaa, spank manja2 je.. lagipun ada diapers as protection :P

Geram je tengok ikan tuh.. *spank*