Thursday, September 2

Meaty Birthday Celebration

Anyway, yesterday was my 28th birthday.. Fine lines under my eyes are visible now, thats bcoz I have dry skin type.. If I have oily skin then I dont have to worry bout fine lines but then I need to worry bout pimples pulak.. So, redha je la

Nothing fancy about my birthday, quite busy distributing kuih raya, settling SPANX & Loveassets order, replying emails n whatnot.. Break fast at home, then siap2 went to Carnaval Churrascaria - a brazilian steakhouse located at Damansara Jaya near Atria.. Had lotsa lotsa lotsa meat, a bit overdose with garlic beef, terderloin, chicken ham & chicken thigh.. No I dont eat lamb.. back at house with full tummy & feeling so sleepy.. dozed off with makeup on - boleh x? terlupa ada anak.. biar je Faheem daddy dia jaga.. it's my birthday! bagi la can kan? hehehe

Ok, this is so annoying.. haih~ connection cam siput.. berukband with EDGE sign? apakah? busan tul..oklah bye.. bila ada mood sambung balik


  1. dear, jumpa aritu lupe pulak nak wish bday, padahal dh baca ur blog before dat.. huhu..

    nway, happy belated birthday!! may Allah always bless you... :)