Monday, August 16

Now & Then.. the big difference

Below is a picx of Faheem taken last Saturday.. He is wearing daddy's F1 Jenson Button cap in striking orange!! I somehow felt the color is too bright & get irritated when Faheem is wearing it, let alone when Farris had it on.. plus the post-effect-of-wearing-a-cap hair aka rambut penyek.. Anyway, that's not my main point.. I was comparing this picx with his Day1 picx & he looks totally different!!

now - still gendut, muka pun boolllat je lagi

apa pandang2? ada hutang ke?
then - gendut jugak, muka boolat

The above picx is taken exactly 16 minutes after he was born looking a bit pissed off / pandang slack.. Maybe bcoz he still want to be in his mommy's cozy womb but the obgyn said it is time to say hello to the world as he is already 41 weeks in there hence I was ask to "check in" to the labour room for induce process.

So, what do u think of Faheem's picx now & then? Big difference kan? Ker aku sorang jer yang perasan.. matila~

Ouh, demn! After 4 months plus I still havent share my labour experience.. I can easily point out there are at least 5 first timer mommy-to-be reading my babbling here but I'm not sure whether they want to read my experience or not.. Hahaha.. Maybe I should start with pushing tips, the correct way!! I dun want them to end up like me, totally have no idea how to push and "meneran bagai nak rak" incorrectly for 35 freaking minutes! Most people can do it with 2-3 pushes within 10 minutes, all done.. And yes, even the OBGYN, the nurses, the sister/midwife threathened me they will send me to OT once the baby heartbeat started slowing down.. but lucky me, Faheem is sooo strong & his heartbeat is stable altho the labour process was prolonged coz I am clueless.. Even the obgyn agreed he is strong bcoz most baby can't tolerate staying in between womb & real world that long. Alhamdulilah.. Kalau tak, tak pasal2 je dapat combo saket contraction + luka operate pulak

P/s - Slamat bersahur u ols~


  1. Lain lah muka fahemm.. Skrg makin comel~!

  2. lainnn la ita. dl mata dia sepet, skrg mata dia boolat.

    i je sama, dulu kini dan selamanya mata sepet LOL

  3. sungguh sgt muka ita yer

  4. ilot >> nanti aku try tangkap gambar dia tgh pandang slack.. sure ko x ckp comel.. rasa nak belasah mungkin ada

    cik chelsea >> itu mata bulat sbb nampak seketul sesuatu kaler itam dpn muka dia.. kalau x, mata agak cepet.. kalau gelak trus tader mata

    areT >> ramai org ckp faheem adalah ita version lelaki *hiks*

  5. ergh. takmo i pregnant smpi week 41... uhuk uhuk...
    btw, story la pasal ur delivery exp! macam i, siap dapat 'poor maternal effort' in my report kad lagi. chis.

  6. isk, ada report card ke? ape kes tulis poor effort.. ske ati je tau, saket okehhhh!!