Sunday, August 22


Another entry within an hour.. ahahah.. bila ada mood gigih tulis.. Tinie once said to me, she loves bloghopping compared to watching tv - drama melayu especially.. the reason y, drama melayu uses all crappy dialog that in real conversation, nobody ever say something like that.. while blog serve real life or more drama.. At that time, I didnt bother to think.. but now I totally agree with her.. at least reading other blogs I can get a good laugh, useful information, drooling cuci mata on stuff other people have or mendapat amarah & rasa annoyed

I also believe that my writing (read: babbling) is never useful nor informative nor interesting.. but somehow, there are few people keep on coming back to read my posting day by day.. i hav no idea y or what made they revisit this blog - anyway thank u for the support.. but the comment from this petite girl on my previous entry really made my day ".... i went to param yesterday! terinspired by u to spend within my means..." finally one of my babling is inspiring!! weehoo! altho amalan berjimat cermat & I macam langit ngan bumi

On a contrary situation, I slalu jer terinspired by others writing.. the latest example - y latest? bcoz I just read her entry like 10 minutes ago.. Cik Chelsea wrote "bila dia luah, dia mati emak.. bila dia telan dia mati bapa.. jadi kita biar dia kemam je" ---> see, I never imagine that this peribahasa can be rephrase in such a way.. mmg la funny ayat tu.. but after rethinking basically it can be map to real life situation.. example, if a person can't decide between 2 options, might as well we give him the 3rd option.. moga2 dia dapat decide & tidak lagi bergundah gulana

Oktu je bebelan, nak mkn sahur then tdo.. Happy Sunday peeps~

- I think now I need to officially declare that my latest hobbies are online shopping & bloghopping :P


  1. ohh ada nama aku di situ..lihatlah doniaaaaa *tetiba sangatsss!

  2. hi ita, i never knew that our baby have the same name.. my baby pun Faheem jugak.. anyway, i dah put ur blog as one of my must read everyday.. haha...keep on writing!

  3. cc >> u ols, i bukan blogger tegar.. mention nama u kat blog pun tader efek kat u

    timmy >> nak dapat nama faheem tu.. for more than a week dia jd baby X.. sampai kene kutuk ngan family n frens.. ouh my bloglist tepi tu not updated.. malas nak update pun satu hal sbb rss feed tu x update pun latest entry.. byk je blog i baca tp x letak kat situ.. letak kat fav kompite i jer.. so in few days i buat la lawatan tapak