Wednesday, August 18

Glowing Face

Mission failed!! Lesson learnt - going to Param at 6.45pm looking for "kuih seri muka" is a bad idea.. Not only that kuih is sold out, all other kuih-muih, lauk pauk, murtabak, drinks all sold out or sad looking or the seller is busy packing...

Will try to go to Param earlier tommorrow for the search of kuih glowing face, ermm and also kuih jump & stab.

Apa barang merepek ni? Thanks to Uncle Eh yang sebuk mengenglishkan nama kuih2.. But kuih duck shyt is still totally not appealing at all - both in English & Malay.. Perlu ke makan taik?

1 comment:

  1. HAHAHAHAH! okay, dah abis gelak. Bila nak ajak buka puasa rumah weh???? org dh berfamily spatutnya ajak org bujang dtg buke rumah laaaaa isk isk