Friday, August 27

Jump & Stab / Fell off bed

Two days in a row.. I had kueh jump & stab for berbuka.. Day 1, I ask Mama is there any stall she recommend which sell good kueh mueh especially jump & stab.. She said the first stall.. So I went to Param and the first stall is closed so I strolled along param n finally bought RM1 glowing face (yuckie!!) and also RM2 jump & stab (nice!!).. Ouh btw those kueh is bought at different stall.. Day 2 (yesterday) drove to Param without license, IC or purse.. korek2 coins in the car, walk directly to the same stall, took jump & stab plus the syrup.. took plastic, put RM2 in the table.. Yes, self service!! It is 6.30pm already, n gosh there are lotsa buyer and only one adek entertaining them.. Actually am rushing coz I need to pickup pre-orders Chicken Chop at town then deliver it to Tok's house. She sort off like 'mengidam' Chicken Chop.. Arrived at house just before waktu berbuka.. At first wanted to go out earlier but suddenly there are guest & they were bz holding Faheem, well I think it is quite rude just to go out like that.. Anyway, if u ask me again, will i buy the jump & stab for berbuka today.. my answer wud be big YES!

lompat tikam - picture courtesy terengganu tourism

Felt a bit down these few days.. On Tuesday morning Faheem jatuh from katil.. All bcoz of my negligence.. I underestimated him, he can rollover and move 360 degree in different direction quite fast nowadays.. Leaving him on the bed for a while is a big no-no.. lesson learnt.. I was monitoring him for few hours after the incident when Mama called, asking me how come I still in Kota Damansara --> coz I told her am going back to Mentakab the morning itself.. Then I said I'm monitoring Faheem then of coz she started asking me what happened n followed with a bebelan kaw kaw.. Ouh not to forget I received a bebelan lite-lite from Jesz also when I ask her to google concussion symptom right after the incident.. After few hours monitoring he seems ok n act normally with a big smile as always.. So I went back to Mentakab.. Once reached there my father greeted Faheem with "Faheem jatuh ye? Meh Tok tengok ada lebam benjol x? Apa la Mummy ni wat Faheem jatuh... " n so on n so on.. the choice of word is not directly hit me on the face, but the "sinis" word cut deep.. trust me

It took me more than 2 days just to update DH about this matter, living in fear n avoiding him virtually, no YM, no skype - didn't sms him or even replied his sms till he called me yesterday evening n I told him bout it n right away I received another bebelan - a mild one bcoz his bebelan sort off cant reach to the peak as I started crying, end up he had to pujuk me..Fyi, I feel bad already n I know it is my mistake, a bebelan will not make a difference as budak tu dah jatuh pun.. n of coz I will be extra careful in future.. Takkan la brani nak buat lagi -->If I repeat the mistake again am totally moron then..

Wednesday, August 25

Duit Raya

Duit Raya (new & small denomination notes) is available starting today at all Maybank branches. First come first serve, no booking or chup chup. Ok that's all, bye~

Sunday, August 22


Another entry within an hour.. ahahah.. bila ada mood gigih tulis.. Tinie once said to me, she loves bloghopping compared to watching tv - drama melayu especially.. the reason y, drama melayu uses all crappy dialog that in real conversation, nobody ever say something like that.. while blog serve real life or more drama.. At that time, I didnt bother to think.. but now I totally agree with her.. at least reading other blogs I can get a good laugh, useful information, drooling cuci mata on stuff other people have or mendapat amarah & rasa annoyed

I also believe that my writing (read: babbling) is never useful nor informative nor interesting.. but somehow, there are few people keep on coming back to read my posting day by day.. i hav no idea y or what made they revisit this blog - anyway thank u for the support.. but the comment from this petite girl on my previous entry really made my day ".... i went to param yesterday! terinspired by u to spend within my means..." finally one of my babling is inspiring!! weehoo! altho amalan berjimat cermat & I macam langit ngan bumi

On a contrary situation, I slalu jer terinspired by others writing.. the latest example - y latest? bcoz I just read her entry like 10 minutes ago.. Cik Chelsea wrote "bila dia luah, dia mati emak.. bila dia telan dia mati bapa.. jadi kita biar dia kemam je" ---> see, I never imagine that this peribahasa can be rephrase in such a way.. mmg la funny ayat tu.. but after rethinking basically it can be map to real life situation.. example, if a person can't decide between 2 options, might as well we give him the 3rd option.. moga2 dia dapat decide & tidak lagi bergundah gulana

Oktu je bebelan, nak mkn sahur then tdo.. Happy Sunday peeps~

- I think now I need to officially declare that my latest hobbies are online shopping & bloghopping :P


While browsing/bloghop online sales blog - what else to do? Fasting is tiring so sitting in front of lappie is the best option.. hahaha.. oh back to the point.. I saw this phrase "We is are an online baby store selling" n it stop there, tiada sambungan or other elaboration


Grammar leh tutup mata.. tapiiiiii, jual baby kat blog kah???

Wednesday, August 18

Glowing Face

Mission failed!! Lesson learnt - going to Param at 6.45pm looking for "kuih seri muka" is a bad idea.. Not only that kuih is sold out, all other kuih-muih, lauk pauk, murtabak, drinks all sold out or sad looking or the seller is busy packing...

Will try to go to Param earlier tommorrow for the search of kuih glowing face, ermm and also kuih jump & stab.

Apa barang merepek ni? Thanks to Uncle Eh yang sebuk mengenglishkan nama kuih2.. But kuih duck shyt is still totally not appealing at all - both in English & Malay.. Perlu ke makan taik?

Tuesday, August 17

Misi 10 hengget

Smalam gi PARAM dengan membawa harapan tanak membazir.. kata lapar, nanti tengok seme bende pun nak beli.. Pembelian utk seorang sahaja, ye la.. faheem minum susu jer, daddy dah outstation.. jadah rajin beno nak masak utk sorang kan?

Apa yang telah dibeli?

Ayam - RM4.50
Sedap jugak.. duk carik mana cicah lada x jumpa.. dalam hati cakap, pakcik nih lupa bagi kot.. kicap je ada.. konfiden curah semua kicap atas ayam.. eh? knapa kicap ni ada texture, oh shyt! lada kene blend skali dgn kicap.. mcm cicah soto tu.. ampes, pedas nasi ayam aku..

Soya - RM2
Nasib baik air soya nih dapat satu jug.. nasi ayam pedas amat.. leh tonggang air soya byk2.. actually air soya tu x habes pun, sambung minum time sahur

Murtabak Ayam - RM2.50
Apahal la murtabak ni nipis n koneng amat ni.. gila x menarik.. surprisingly sedap la pulak ke aku lapa? kesimpulan don't judge a book by its cover

Kuih kaler ijau salut kelapa + syrup gula melaka, 3 ketul - RM1
Tak tau la apa nama kuih ni.. Mulut makcik jual ni mmg tader insurans tau.. Ada ke tanya "amoi, amoi tau ke makan pulut ni?" Aku jawab.. "uish x baik panggey amoi2, saya puasa tau".. Makcik tu jawab balik.."la melayu ke?".. kuih dia sedap so mulut makcik ni dimaafkan.. eh x puas ati la, nak google jap gambar kuih tu..

Ini dia kuihnya.. nama kuih tu rupernyer kuih lopes.. googled tadi dengan keyword "kuih pulut warna hijau" nasib baik jumpa.. ahahah.. picture credit to perantaukitchen fotopages.

So misi berjaya tepat 10 hengget & kekenyangan amat.. Kebetulan ari nih seme mende sedap.. Lepas makan, anak beranak cam ular sawa.. by 8.45pm Faheem nak tdo.. pastuh mummy dia join tdo.. Arrr, Jes.. smalam masa bukak pose, Faheem aku bagi tengok bola.. x tau ulang tayang game mana.. asal budak tuh diam n aku leh makan dengan aman.. kalau dia mood nak bergentel ie ada orang kene layan dia.. letak je bumbo seat atas meja pehtu dia pandang kitorang makan sambil main buih2 air liur.. masa gambar ni diambil, masih kitorang.. skarang dah jadi singular.. *pose ibu tunggul* kalau cakap ibu tunggal macam doa plak.. so aku claim jadi ibu tunggul je la

Monday, August 16

Now & Then.. the big difference

Below is a picx of Faheem taken last Saturday.. He is wearing daddy's F1 Jenson Button cap in striking orange!! I somehow felt the color is too bright & get irritated when Faheem is wearing it, let alone when Farris had it on.. plus the post-effect-of-wearing-a-cap hair aka rambut penyek.. Anyway, that's not my main point.. I was comparing this picx with his Day1 picx & he looks totally different!!

now - still gendut, muka pun boolllat je lagi

apa pandang2? ada hutang ke?
then - gendut jugak, muka boolat

The above picx is taken exactly 16 minutes after he was born looking a bit pissed off / pandang slack.. Maybe bcoz he still want to be in his mommy's cozy womb but the obgyn said it is time to say hello to the world as he is already 41 weeks in there hence I was ask to "check in" to the labour room for induce process.

So, what do u think of Faheem's picx now & then? Big difference kan? Ker aku sorang jer yang perasan.. matila~

Ouh, demn! After 4 months plus I still havent share my labour experience.. I can easily point out there are at least 5 first timer mommy-to-be reading my babbling here but I'm not sure whether they want to read my experience or not.. Hahaha.. Maybe I should start with pushing tips, the correct way!! I dun want them to end up like me, totally have no idea how to push and "meneran bagai nak rak" incorrectly for 35 freaking minutes! Most people can do it with 2-3 pushes within 10 minutes, all done.. And yes, even the OBGYN, the nurses, the sister/midwife threathened me they will send me to OT once the baby heartbeat started slowing down.. but lucky me, Faheem is sooo strong & his heartbeat is stable altho the labour process was prolonged coz I am clueless.. Even the obgyn agreed he is strong bcoz most baby can't tolerate staying in between womb & real world that long. Alhamdulilah.. Kalau tak, tak pasal2 je dapat combo saket contraction + luka operate pulak

P/s - Slamat bersahur u ols~

Thursday, August 12

Sunny Side Up

I just found out that "telo mata kerbau" is called "sunny side up" in english.. weehoo~ new vocab for me!

picx googled

Wednesday, August 11

Abang Posmen & Nasi Goreng

At 12.59pm (about an hour ago), I received a text saying.."Akum.. Sy posmen, cik punya pos ekspress ade dlm peti surat" Heheheh.. Yup, I received a SMS from abang posmen.. kellllesss x? I chatted with abang bawak van poslaju before, ok not chatted.. actually I asked him to call or sms me if there is any incoming parcel for me & told him that the bell is broken.. And he replied.. "Okeh, nanti saya call or sms la.. taper, kampeni bayar phone ni" Well, now I know tak sesia Pos Malaysia pay for their phone bills.. they use it for good purposes. :)

On a different note, for dinner last nite I cooked nasi goreng + ayam goreng.. Being me, am totally lazy so I cooked the nasi goreng quite a lot.. meaning we had the same nasi goreng for sahur.. ouh plus telor mata kerbau.. okla tu kan? Hmmmm, now have to think what to cook for buka puasa pulak...

P/s - Wishing all of u a blessed Ramadhan.. Selamat Berpuasa

Monday, August 9

RoadTax, Insurance, MyEG, Geran, Saman...

Rabu, 4/8/10
Hmmm.. roadtax & insurance akan mampus akhir bulan nih.. Call Mama & Papa tanya mana geran? Derang saling menuduh sebab geran hilang.. Last year derang setelkan sbb kitorang kat US. Call Ana tanya nak wat camner kalau geran ilang? Ana cakap taper leh wat thru MyEG.. Ana cakap dia tolong watkan.. Tak lama pehtu, Ana call cakap insurance dah renew, roadtax takleh renew sebab ada saman blacklisted.. Dia suh cepat2 bayar dalam masa seminggu kalau x insurance kene reinstate, dia malas nak wat.. Ok, esok ita gi polis trafik bayar.. dekat je ngan umah ni...

Khamis, 5/8/10
The whole day hujan, camner nak gi polis trafik dengan nak menghangkut Faheem.. kalau x ujan leh la hangkut budak tuh skali.. inform Ana..

Jumaat, 6/8/10
Farris cuti, tinggalkan Faheem kat daddy dia.. Gi polis trafik cawangan Kota Damansara.. kata nak bayar saman.. polis tuh cakap, sini wat laporan eksiden je.. takleh bayar saman.. kalau nak bayar gi kat Curve tp bukak kul 4pm.. kalau x, pegi PJ Old Town or KL terus.. isk Farris cuti sbb nak balik kampung, kalau dah pukul 4 baru nak gi bayar saman bilanye nak balik kampung.. nak merayap ke PJ old town or KL ari ni ari jumaat.. carik nahas la, sure jem seme tempat.. Call Papa, citer seme mende kat dia.. Papa kata nanti pas smayang jumaat dia try bayarkan kat polis trafik mentakab.. Petang kitorang dah sampai Mentakab.. Papa kata dia gi try bayar.. Polis cakap server down nak check saman pun tableh inikan pulak nak bayar.. Ari Sabtu n Ahad takleh bayar.. kene tunggu ari Isnin gak

Isnin, 7/8/10
Sebelum masuk keje, Farris terus gi Bukit Aman dulu.. check n bayar saman.. dia sronot sebab tarikh saman masa tu dia gi outstation.. So saman speedtrap tuh konfem aku la yang drive kan? Kitorang sebelum ni pun saling menuduh sape punya saman tu.. Hehehe... Call Ana inform, Ana kata sbb renew without geran, kene tunggu system update dlm MyEG.. lepas 24 jam baru leh try.. So Ana try esok la

Kesimpulan, x setel lagi mende ni.. Esok setel la kot.. Are-t, u r not alone.. hehehe.. Ita pun takleh renew roadtax, kene clear saman dulu... hahahah.. Kepada pembaca sekalian jangan drive laju2, tapi kalau drive perlahan akan menyebabkan mengantuk lalu chances untuk eksiden lagi tinggi.. drive je la laju2 then bayar saman..

Kitorang penah convoi 2 kereta.. convoi tau bukan racing potong each other.. end up both kereta kene speedtrap kat area yang sama.. mmg dasar laki bini bawak laju..kalau bawak perlahan x pasal2 masuk gaung kat karak hiway tu, so kami pilih untuk melanggar undang2 halaju :P

Friday, August 6

Penaakulan Mantik

Faheem dah 4 bulan ari nih... Yeay~~
Mari tepek gambar dia..
Budak ni makin gendut, bolat & beratttttttttttttttt!
Mommy punya lengan dah macam Malek Noor sbb dokong Faheem

Okeh, nak start sessi penaakulan mantik
Fakta 1 = Ramai oraang cakap Faheem hensem
Fakta 2 = Ramai gak cakap Faheem sebijik cam Mommy dia aka MiniMe
Mommy Faheem = Hensem!


Signing off,
Ita yang hensem.. hnf hnf hnf *control hensem*

Wednesday, August 4

Speechless part 3 - the pregnant maid

Hmmmm.. I didnt expect there will be a part 3 of this story.. Tot that after the pregnant maid, P ran away.. abes la crita.. For those yang lost & have no idea what I'm talking bout, this is the link for part 1 & this is for part 2

After P ran away, it seems she still contacting R (my KakNgah's maid). P told R that she just had antenatal checkup - the baby is fine & it is a girl, due after raya.. She ask R to ask Ayong whether she wants to adopt the baby or not... APAKAH???

Yes, my Ayong ada 3 boys and she really wants a girl.. Tapi perlu ker P tu offer anak dia? Dah la ko buat taik lari dari rumah Ayong.. brani mati tanya nak anak kau tu ke tak? In fact after P begged not to send her back to Indonesia (b4 she ran away of coz) Ayong n Mama agreed to take care of her, bear the medical cost for P to deliver the baby here in Malaysia & will manage to put the baby up for adoption following correct legal procedure, then after finish confinement boleh sambung kerja as usual..

Kira dah cukup baik dapat majikan camtuh kan? Yang ko pegi lari tu apahal? As what Ayong said, "Baby tu tak bersalah, at least putting for adoption will increase chances that she'll get better life.. But P decided to run away meaning dia ber*mbus with her own problem.. We wanted to help her tapi dia dah lari, lantak la!"

I just dont understand, what was she thinking? Kau ni bodoh ke apa? Ayong n Mama willing to help her but she choose untuk ber*mbus.. I still dont understand she still have guts to ask whether Ayong wants her baby ker x? Tak paham aku dengan orang yang terlebih konfiden ni! Tapi after rethinking maybe mmg dia plain bodoh + panic.. kalau dia cerdik, dia x jadik maid.. maybe dia dah jadi cendekiawan kat Indonesia :P

I hope this is the last entry bout the pregnant maid, but if I do have more story on this.. most probably there will be a part 4.. Hahaha

Monday, August 2


Ok, so a customer (nama dirahsiakan) wanted to order kuih raya.. She didn't remember the name of the kuih and just said sumthing like "kuih slut nut"..I was like.. Eh, apahal minah ni tetibe cursing ni.. After rethinking for quite sometime, then I realized it is "kuih salut nut"

I giggled then told her what was I thinking - asking myself y she suddenly curse.. She on the other hand completely didnt realized the typo but she did made joke out if it, she replied "Haha, Yessa that kuih! Slut nut handle with care.. Might be bitchy"

There n then, I was laughing my ass off.. I don't expect jual kuih raya wud be this entertaining :D

the controversy kuih - slut nut!