Friday, July 30

Unwanted guest

The house bell is broken - long time ago to be frank.. Basically when I'm expecting a parcel, I need to open the door partially or even widely (grill is lock of course) so that abang posmen knows somebody is at home.. But every time I open the door, there is unwanted guest who religiously (read: tak tahu malu) step in to my house

It is a yellow tabby cat.. bukan koceng jalanan, my neibor's to be exact.. Not that he's asking for food or being an evil stealing food or anything, just wanted attention (read: belaian manja).. He is very gentle, very nice.. I have nothing againts him just that I have a baby nearby & I have no idea where the cat "merayau/berjalan2" before he came to my house.. maybe from bushes near the building? who knows?

Please take a good look at the small (right) picture, the cat is peeking from the small opening of my door - waiting the chance to come in.. the opening is too small for him by the way *padan muka*

P/s - maybe we need to fix the bell asap!


  1. cumil...ala biarla dia masuk sekali sekala...hihi

  2. zal >> gi mana? krabi lg ke?
    alexa >> tu gambar i amik tu, dlm umah i la..kadang2 bg gak dia masuk
    izzu >> kucing org la, ske ati je nak