Wednesday, July 21

Speechless part 2 - the pregnant maid

Since the last time I wrote bout the pregnant maid, the next day or so I called my mom and she started to tell me more juicy gossip.. After the maid (let's call her P) ran away, both my mom & my sis investigate about P's 8tvt all this while by asking other maid at the area & Ana's maid too.. Ouh, Ana is my another sis

Before this P only claim she did it once with her Nepalese bf, but that is SOOOOO not true.. They discovered that P was paid for her service to please a man (gersang Indonesian, Nepalese, Burmese man) around that area.. My mom even managed to get a MMS picture of P naked with sexy/ghairah pose with a caption "SEDIA DIMASUKIN" translated to normal BM --> Sedia dimasukkan.. uhuk uhuk.. paham2 jer la maksudnya..

Ana's maid also said that P ran away with lotsa money (money from her services of course) around RM2k.. That is freaking a lot for an Indonesian maid yang agak boros.. Agak boros coz always buying pulsa (phone topup) --> mainly to keep the communication with clientele ongoing.. hahaha, eh it is not funny ok

My sis never expected this bcoz basically P is a good maid.. She is loyal, not rebellious & never requested to go out by her own compared to the previous maid who keep on asking to go to pasar malam every Monday & very rebellious.. She also wake up early in the morning, prepare food for breakfast lunch n dinner, doing house chores cleaning n whatnot (minus membasuh kereta), furthermore take care of 3 boys.. so the first one didnt need much care as he is already 9 years old but the other two are 2 years old toddler & 1 year old baby. If u can imagine, her chores are endless..

Once I saw her juggling to cook lunch while trying to get the baby to sleep.. I tell u she's a multitasker.. If i were in her position, I don't think I can manage it.. Currently as a SAHM doing the normal house chores + cooking + taking care of my own baby pun I dah x larat.. Seriously, where did she find time for her "part time job?"

Apparently, she went out from the house around 3 in the morning to do the part time job when everybody is sleeping soundly kat tingkat atas.. She used the back door of course.. And the port to do the "job" is at a house which her bf rented with all other pakgad. I'm not sure whether this so called Nepalese bf is really her bf.. mungkin tu bapak ayam nya? betul x?

I'm not writing this for u guys to judge her morality, after all u guys basically dah rasa jijik while u r reading this post rite? Just keep that cacian n makian to urself.. Now let us think from different angle, my conclusion is simple.. she is workaholic, she managed to do her maid job with flying colors at daytime & still have energy to perform her part time job as *bleep* at nite - not sure with flying colors or not tho.. hehehehe :P


  1. Membaca dengan rasa kagum.. Aku yang kepenatan pon belum tentu ada rasa nak bermesra dengan husband okeh.

    Kalau jumpa dia sila bagitau. Next time use condom!!
    Skrg ni kan susah tak tau siapa bapak budak dlm kandungan dia tuh.

    p/s : adekah dia mengamalkan jamu apa2? Sila bgtau aku.

  2. eerrrgghh..scary. dah la tgh carik maid nih.. aaarrgghhh..

  3. kagum dengar ni. Sanggup bangun/stay up 3 pagi untuk extra service for money.

    But bile dengar yang die offer service itu.... aku dah terbayang pelbagai jenis STDs dah die ade. Eurgh.

  4. ilot >> tu la psl, dah tau buat kerja camtuh invest la sket dgn membeli kondom.. dah lari la wei x sempat nak tanya pasal jamu

    yoa >> my sis pun dah bitter, trauma nak amik maid

    dils >> unprotected sex, maybe STD's n she basically raised my 2 nephews, cook for the whole family.. just imagine how my sis felt?

  5. wow, sangat drama okeh, hahaaa, but sorry for finding this funny rather than morally disturbing (okeh, amat disturbing but funny come first esp dari cerita she was another maryam ke menjaja pada pkul 3 pagi), by the way, my comp diserang virus, bercuti from browsing blogs and blogging.. T--T

  6. Ita....jgn la masukkan wild imagination kat ibu mengandung ni....additional uwek2

  7. Hahaha..mana dia dapat all the energy! I wish I have same spirit like her, the housechores part lah haha. Mesti dia ada jamu or whatever. Normally indonesian mmg consume all this supplement kan.

  8. yes, i kagum so much on the multitasking part. hahahahahahah

  9. dalia >> dia mengaku maryam tu ingat kita bodo la nak percaya bulat2
    tini >> ooops sorie if i did.. tp nih more like disgusting punya crita yg u pi bayangkan apersal.. isk
    aan >> tu la, how i wish i have the energy camtu gak.. ni dah malam mmg konfem penat.. kadang2 tdokan anak, mommy yg tertdo dulu
    lily >> yes, dia mmg tere multitask.. tuh kitorang x bajet dia leh ada perangai "kupu2 mlm" tuh sbb she is such a good maid..