Wednesday, July 14

Solid Food - Ready, Set, Eat!!

We bought a book called HAPPYBABY, mainly to guide us on parenting stuff & hopefully he'll grow up as a happy baby (while hoping that he'll ditch his moodiness).. Cukuplah Mommy je yang moody & hot tempered ok? Anyway below paragraph is quoted exactly from the book

"While some babies may not show interest until later in teh first year, most are good & ready at six months. At this age, babies will benefit from exposure to more flavors, textures, eating skills and most babies are physically & developmentally ready to handle solid foods. This means baby:
  • can hold her head up straight when sitting
  • no longer has the tounge reflex (pushes everything out of the mouth)
  • has the head control to turn her head towards or away from food
  • appears interested in food when other people are eating
Your baby may hit these milestones before the six-month mark, but there are many reasons to wait until this age before starting solid foods
  • introducing solids too soon may actually sabotage breastfeeding bcoz as baby eats more & more food, she may be less interested in nursing
  • waiting until six months may help to prevent food allergies, by this age baby's intestinal tract is mature enough to handle new & foreign substances without prompting an allergic reaction
  • on a less serious note, one more reason to wait is bcoz u dont need something else on ur to-do-list --> hahahaha, i like~
Despite these reasons to wait, dont be surprised if ur paed OK's solid once baby hits four month old... "

To conclude >> I guess I'll wait till Faheem is 6 months old to start introducing on solid food, after all he is satisfied with combination of both BM & FM for now.. And he gain weight accordingly every month.. To all mommies commented on previous previous previous entry, and those who emailed me on that matter, thanks a lot.. really appreciate it :)

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