Monday, July 19

Rumi + Jawi

Have you guys ever encounter with this word --> Insya4JJI

Not sure bout u guys but somehow I get irritated with this word, mainly because I read it from left to right.. So it wud be Insya-four-Jay-Jay-Ai.. What is that by the way? To read this Insya4JJI word correctly, first u have to read the 'insya' from left to right.. then read the '4JJI' from right to left.. Why on earth u make ur own life complicated? Cant u just type it like normal Insyallah? Or maybe ur life is so boring/unfulfilling till u have to complicate ur own life? *hi seseorang*

One thing 4 sure, I just prefer it to be all in rumi which is Insyallah.

s - wanted to blog bout speechless part 2 - the pregnant maid, but I encounter with this word at FB which annoyed me, errr annoyed me MORE!! will write bout the maid later.. nature call~ *hi mangkuk tandas*


  1. oh oh i know who!!!
    i pun tgk terus irritated... mainly coz i didn't even know what it meant. until u blogged about it. haha!

  2. hahaha.. saper yg fren dgn dia dlm FB sure bleh teka punya coz it is very irritating.. Jes pun dapat teka saper