Tuesday, July 6

Muka Tengik!

Yup! Today he is officially 3 months old.. Thats the reason y I'm publishing his face here.. ngengenge.. Ouh, last Saturday went for his 3 months check up & jab.. Faheem's paed said that I can start introduce him with nestum step1 / pureed/ blend solid food.. I'm quite reluctant actually coz I've read sumwhere that we shud start giving solid food when he is 6 month old or so?? Or is it just a myth? So mommies out there, any advise or suggestion? Shud I or shudn't I? Any recipe? --> Tetap!! Makanan baby pun mintak recipe.. Tsk tsk

Come on! Gimme a kissssssssss *pouting*

What?? U don't want 2 kiss me??

I think Faheem inherits my moodswing.. Coz one minute he is very happy, cooing & smiling excitedly.. then the next minute he start doing that "muka tengik" thingy followed by a loud cry.. Those 2 pictures is taken like one or two minutes apart.. Haihs!! Camaner ni? Kenapa x ekut Daddy punya cool? Kenapa ikut mommy punya moody?


  1. Aku la Irwan... chihiJuly 6, 2010 at 9:34 AM

    haih sebijik muka tengik kau aritha.. Abis la mommy... kekeke

  2. my kids start their solid at 6 mth.. hahahaa, tpi i pi spital krajaan, i pun ikut cakap misi..

    ada yg kata start solid too early, prut blum matang..

    but since my words againts yer paed.. who's leg i am pulling..

  3. i suggest you wait until he's 6 months old to start solids, unless doesn't seem satisfied after his normal feed. makes ur life easier. hoho.
    mil was really against this, sed she was ready n all that blablabla (along with the boobie feeding and gendong-ing, tsk), but whose child is this again? =P

  4. ahahah tunggu at least 4 months old kot nak bagi nestum
    perut dia tak leh digest lagi.
    dear, baca la buku Mama saya lapar by wardina saffiya..good infos dalam tu..

  5. ita.. actually baby start bleh makan solid food bila masuk 6 months, sebab masa tuh baby nyea digestion system dah fully develope (so kalau bg awal baby mudah kena alergic) itu kata2 dr kat sini la..

    but sometimes ada a few cases yg bila dia check baby.. tgk macam berat baby maintain jea.. tak naik2 even dah bg byk susu.. dia suruh start as early as 4 months..

    dulu i start dgn bubur nasi blend.. tapi my baby tak suka sgt.. so bila bubur nasi + susu dia minum (breast milk or susu formula).. baru dia suka..

  6. hmm lupa.. i suka baca pasal baby kat sini.. very helpful...