Thursday, July 1

Mandi-Mandi @ Tamarind Springs

So we had our anniversary dinner at Mandi-Mandi, a Malay & Thai fine cuisine restaurant.. Ouh before that, to reach that restaurant it is quite scary.. well at least to me & tiring too.. we have to walk like a km along the trail & it was raining before we went there so all the frogs are happily enjoying themselves n make weird noises

Dun get me wrong, the trail & stairs are awesome.. only the tikiman/weird statues maybe it is a javanese statues - they are creepy!! No I wont take pictures with that thing.. overall it is totally a different ambience, if i know earlier maybe i wont be that scared.. didn't expect such environment & cant believe there is a jungle in the middle of KL.. dim-lighted with oil lamps, the decoration is unique nevertheless

Us, celebrating :)~

Awesome chicken pandan!! Anybody have the recipe for this?

I'm going to stop here.. I dont care if the entry is hanging without any closure.. Just too sleepy too continue.. Nite everybody (-_-)

P/s - thought we r going to enjoy our moment together to the max but seriously we are so worried Faheem will cry non-stop or make fuss at SIL's.. Turn out he behaved :)

P/s 2 - the place is not suitable for toddler & baby coz it is in the jungle, lotsa mosquito & not stroller friendly


  1. mati2 aku ingat ko bermandi manda di tamarind spring..
    rupanya nama restaurant uollsss....

  2. mkn kat mana ni ita ? kat mana tamarind springs ni ? nk g mkn kat sana gakla

  3. ilot >> aku br prasan tajuk entry nih misleading lepas baca komen kau
    izzu >> dekat ngan kelab darul ehsan, tmn TAR.. ampang