Tuesday, July 27

Exactly a year ago...

Exactly a year ago, today is the day that I found out I was pregnant.. literally.. ahahaha.. The test stick showed a very vague 2nd line so I tot the test stick dah expired.. The next day I peed again on the 2nd stick (i bought the one that have 2 test sticks in a box), the line is wider but still vague.. So I tot both sticks memang dah expired sambil meyumpah a lil bit.. how come Walmart sell defect product :P

can u spot the 2nd line?

Told DH bout the test stick & then he said "Jom pegi Walmart beli test kit yang digital tu!" He keeps on babbling sumthing like "Susah betul nak tengok line2 ni" and sumthing more less like "Nanti guna digital punya, abes crita.. dia terus appear pregnant ke x pregnant!" And the result is.....

Konfem!!! :)

Actually the reason y the first 2 test stick punya line pudar mcm *bleep* coz i'm not even late.. I'm supposed to get my menses that day but it never came... but i'd been having pre-menstrual symptom like more than a week, usually my PMS started just 3-4 days before my menses.. So, being curious me.. terus beli UPT (urine pregnancy test) tu n kencing.. Basically it is too early... if i retake the UPT like a week after that, the line shud be very clear n prominent!

For those yang currently trying.. early pregnancy symptoms are exactly like PMS.. I was crying when I had the "PMS" coz I tot "sigh~ another month goes by.. hav to try again!" End up it is early pregnancy symptom instead!! --> x pasal2 rugi je nangis kan? So, if u had sumthing like PMS.. do not give up & keep your high hope.. maybe it is sumthing that u r waiting for :)

P/s - for those yang penah tanya I, yes Faheem is made in USA.. to be exact, Made in Texas :P


  1. hehe mcm sama kes dgn i je.. Aishah also made in US, to be exact - made in Burton, Michigan.

  2. haaa... kita ok la sbb mmg stay kat states masa tu.. tini punya crita lagilah.. tader flight ke some mishap kat airport (derang dr miri nak blk kl), so they stayed kat hotel then the next thing fawwaz dah wujud dlm tummy