Friday, July 30

Unwanted guest

The house bell is broken - long time ago to be frank.. Basically when I'm expecting a parcel, I need to open the door partially or even widely (grill is lock of course) so that abang posmen knows somebody is at home.. But every time I open the door, there is unwanted guest who religiously (read: tak tahu malu) step in to my house

It is a yellow tabby cat.. bukan koceng jalanan, my neibor's to be exact.. Not that he's asking for food or being an evil stealing food or anything, just wanted attention (read: belaian manja).. He is very gentle, very nice.. I have nothing againts him just that I have a baby nearby & I have no idea where the cat "merayau/berjalan2" before he came to my house.. maybe from bushes near the building? who knows?

Please take a good look at the small (right) picture, the cat is peeking from the small opening of my door - waiting the chance to come in.. the opening is too small for him by the way *padan muka*

P/s - maybe we need to fix the bell asap!

Wednesday, July 28


Out from shower then I was greeted with this sight. Cuteness!! My two boys taking nap at 8.30pm with full tummy.. The bigger one had nasi lemak ayam goreng, the smaller one had 4.5 oz of milk.. love both of u so muchhhh!!


Tuesday, July 27

Exactly a year ago...

Exactly a year ago, today is the day that I found out I was pregnant.. literally.. ahahaha.. The test stick showed a very vague 2nd line so I tot the test stick dah expired.. The next day I peed again on the 2nd stick (i bought the one that have 2 test sticks in a box), the line is wider but still vague.. So I tot both sticks memang dah expired sambil meyumpah a lil bit.. how come Walmart sell defect product :P

can u spot the 2nd line?

Told DH bout the test stick & then he said "Jom pegi Walmart beli test kit yang digital tu!" He keeps on babbling sumthing like "Susah betul nak tengok line2 ni" and sumthing more less like "Nanti guna digital punya, abes crita.. dia terus appear pregnant ke x pregnant!" And the result is.....

Konfem!!! :)

Actually the reason y the first 2 test stick punya line pudar mcm *bleep* coz i'm not even late.. I'm supposed to get my menses that day but it never came... but i'd been having pre-menstrual symptom like more than a week, usually my PMS started just 3-4 days before my menses.. So, being curious me.. terus beli UPT (urine pregnancy test) tu n kencing.. Basically it is too early... if i retake the UPT like a week after that, the line shud be very clear n prominent!

For those yang currently trying.. early pregnancy symptoms are exactly like PMS.. I was crying when I had the "PMS" coz I tot "sigh~ another month goes by.. hav to try again!" End up it is early pregnancy symptom instead!! --> x pasal2 rugi je nangis kan? So, if u had sumthing like PMS.. do not give up & keep your high hope.. maybe it is sumthing that u r waiting for :)

P/s - for those yang penah tanya I, yes Faheem is made in USA.. to be exact, Made in Texas :P

Monday, July 26


Perbualan di bawah dipetik dr YM chat dengan Jes.. tengah diskas pasal solid food then melarat pasal avocado..

me: nak start dengan pisang
me: potato
me: wah berangan
me: avocado
me: apa lg ntah aku baca
jes: aku nk bg rice cereal dulu
me: aku kecoh nak wat makanan sendiri
me: kalau aku malas nanti br beli rice cereal
me: awal2 ni semangat
jes: aku baca mana ntah
jes: awal2 bg satu sudu kecik rice cereal
jes: tambah susu
jes: pastuh br la kau start intro pureed food
me: ye ke?
me: alamak
me: nanti aku baca betul2
me: ari tu aku baca sambil lalu
me: x mentelaah betul2
me: tp ada la terbaca tambah dgn susu tuh
jes: aku baca kat baby cneter je
jes: pastuh pasal avocado
jes: it shud be the first food kau intro kat baby
me: avocado nak carik pun x tau kat mana
jes: eh bintulu pun ada
jes: xkn la kl xde
me: maybe sbb aku x penah carik kot
me: napa kene jd first food?
jes: tp mahal nak M
jes: sebijik rm5
jes: kat cni la
jes: kau penah makan x?
me: x
me: x tau pun rasa camner
jes: aku ske
jes: sedap
jes: lemak
jes: hehe
me: aku rasa cam avocado tu pencuci muka
me: masa aku kecik ntah brand apa guna extract avocado dlm cleanser dia
me: chihihihi
jes: a ah
jes: ada
jes: tube ijau
jes: gervenne kot
me: so napa dia kene jd first food
jes: ntah
jes: maybe sbb nutritional value tinggi kot
jes: sbb ko bg dai raw camtuh je
jes: tayah rebus/steam bagai
me: ic

Seriesly, aku x penah rasa avocado (avocado dlm guacomole, fajitas x dikira), last weekend sebuk duk carik avocado. Jes, fyi.. aku beli 2 ketul 7 hengget --> murah la dari bintulu. Sampai rumah, excitedly potong avocado tuh.. Ok Jes, knapa x penah inform biji avocado tuh keras nak mampus? Cubaan memotong avocado sampai menyek avocado aku tuh.. pastuh bijik avocado tuh lekat kat pisau taleh tanggal.. End up aku suh Farris tanggalkan biji avocado tuh dari pisau.

bukti avocado aku menyek
sebab aku tekan kuat2 so that avocado tu terbelah 2
tapi tak terbelah jugak sbb bijik dia keras sangat

Friday, July 23

Tader Budget :(

Mommy's wishlist as for now...
  • LV Galliera PM
  • Whiteberry by Blackberry

total damage = more than RM6k

And these are Faheem's wishlist..

  • Bumbo Seat
  • Baby Food Processor

total damage = not more than RM350

Check Mommy punya bank account, check Daddy punya bank account.. Hmmmm.. Macam tader bajet jer, Faheem punya wishlist jer approved.. Taper, Mommy x kisah x dapat henbeg or hp baru... Asalkan Faheem goodboy & jangan nangis2 lepas dah terlingkup tuh.. Apa la!! Meniarap tahu, nak pusing balik x tahu.. pastuh emo pastuh marah pastuh nangis..

P/s - Daddy kalau nak buat wishlist gak, sila bukak blog sendiri.. jangan sebuk nak menumpang

Wednesday, July 21

Speechless part 2 - the pregnant maid

Since the last time I wrote bout the pregnant maid, the next day or so I called my mom and she started to tell me more juicy gossip.. After the maid (let's call her P) ran away, both my mom & my sis investigate about P's 8tvt all this while by asking other maid at the area & Ana's maid too.. Ouh, Ana is my another sis

Before this P only claim she did it once with her Nepalese bf, but that is SOOOOO not true.. They discovered that P was paid for her service to please a man (gersang Indonesian, Nepalese, Burmese man) around that area.. My mom even managed to get a MMS picture of P naked with sexy/ghairah pose with a caption "SEDIA DIMASUKIN" translated to normal BM --> Sedia dimasukkan.. uhuk uhuk.. paham2 jer la maksudnya..

Ana's maid also said that P ran away with lotsa money (money from her services of course) around RM2k.. That is freaking a lot for an Indonesian maid yang agak boros.. Agak boros coz always buying pulsa (phone topup) --> mainly to keep the communication with clientele ongoing.. hahaha, eh it is not funny ok

My sis never expected this bcoz basically P is a good maid.. She is loyal, not rebellious & never requested to go out by her own compared to the previous maid who keep on asking to go to pasar malam every Monday & very rebellious.. She also wake up early in the morning, prepare food for breakfast lunch n dinner, doing house chores cleaning n whatnot (minus membasuh kereta), furthermore take care of 3 boys.. so the first one didnt need much care as he is already 9 years old but the other two are 2 years old toddler & 1 year old baby. If u can imagine, her chores are endless..

Once I saw her juggling to cook lunch while trying to get the baby to sleep.. I tell u she's a multitasker.. If i were in her position, I don't think I can manage it.. Currently as a SAHM doing the normal house chores + cooking + taking care of my own baby pun I dah x larat.. Seriously, where did she find time for her "part time job?"

Apparently, she went out from the house around 3 in the morning to do the part time job when everybody is sleeping soundly kat tingkat atas.. She used the back door of course.. And the port to do the "job" is at a house which her bf rented with all other pakgad. I'm not sure whether this so called Nepalese bf is really her bf.. mungkin tu bapak ayam nya? betul x?

I'm not writing this for u guys to judge her morality, after all u guys basically dah rasa jijik while u r reading this post rite? Just keep that cacian n makian to urself.. Now let us think from different angle, my conclusion is simple.. she is workaholic, she managed to do her maid job with flying colors at daytime & still have energy to perform her part time job as *bleep* at nite - not sure with flying colors or not tho.. hehehehe :P

Monday, July 19

Rumi + Jawi

Have you guys ever encounter with this word --> Insya4JJI

Not sure bout u guys but somehow I get irritated with this word, mainly because I read it from left to right.. So it wud be Insya-four-Jay-Jay-Ai.. What is that by the way? To read this Insya4JJI word correctly, first u have to read the 'insya' from left to right.. then read the '4JJI' from right to left.. Why on earth u make ur own life complicated? Cant u just type it like normal Insyallah? Or maybe ur life is so boring/unfulfilling till u have to complicate ur own life? *hi seseorang*

One thing 4 sure, I just prefer it to be all in rumi which is Insyallah.

s - wanted to blog bout speechless part 2 - the pregnant maid, but I encounter with this word at FB which annoyed me, errr annoyed me MORE!! will write bout the maid later.. nature call~ *hi mangkuk tandas*

Friday, July 16

Maryam?? *speechless*

My sis's maid is pregnant with her so called Nepalese boyfriend (pakgad of that housing area).. My mom & my sis wanted to send her back to Indonesia.. However she pleaded not to send her back.. Most probably she is afraid to face her own mum, her own husband n her kids.. Then few days back, she ran away from the house..

To make thing worst, during interrogate session she claimed "Allah jadikan sendiri, sumpah!! Macam itu Ibu Maryam" but finally she admit that she did it with her boyfriend.. Basically I dun care bout her morality tapiiiiii ko berani mati kan dah buat dosa pehtu nak mengaku suci cam Maryam? Tak takut kene panah petir agaknya?

Wednesday, July 14

Solid Food - Ready, Set, Eat!!

We bought a book called HAPPYBABY, mainly to guide us on parenting stuff & hopefully he'll grow up as a happy baby (while hoping that he'll ditch his moodiness).. Cukuplah Mommy je yang moody & hot tempered ok? Anyway below paragraph is quoted exactly from the book

"While some babies may not show interest until later in teh first year, most are good & ready at six months. At this age, babies will benefit from exposure to more flavors, textures, eating skills and most babies are physically & developmentally ready to handle solid foods. This means baby:
  • can hold her head up straight when sitting
  • no longer has the tounge reflex (pushes everything out of the mouth)
  • has the head control to turn her head towards or away from food
  • appears interested in food when other people are eating
Your baby may hit these milestones before the six-month mark, but there are many reasons to wait until this age before starting solid foods
  • introducing solids too soon may actually sabotage breastfeeding bcoz as baby eats more & more food, she may be less interested in nursing
  • waiting until six months may help to prevent food allergies, by this age baby's intestinal tract is mature enough to handle new & foreign substances without prompting an allergic reaction
  • on a less serious note, one more reason to wait is bcoz u dont need something else on ur to-do-list --> hahahaha, i like~
Despite these reasons to wait, dont be surprised if ur paed OK's solid once baby hits four month old... "

To conclude >> I guess I'll wait till Faheem is 6 months old to start introducing on solid food, after all he is satisfied with combination of both BM & FM for now.. And he gain weight accordingly every month.. To all mommies commented on previous previous previous entry, and those who emailed me on that matter, thanks a lot.. really appreciate it :)

Tuesday, July 13

Sup Sayur + Tauhu + Fishball

Sempena nak diet kononnya, lunch ari nih makan sup nih jer.. tak makan nasik!! hehehe.. ouh, pastuh kalau petang perut dah start bunyi kruk~ kruk~ minum air kosong banyak2.. ahhahaha, bagi x rasa lapar kalau x, sebuk jer bukak fridge nak carik food kan? *hins*

Cara2 memasak - mudah sahaja (sebenarnya malas).. mula2 tumis bawang putih dengan halia pastuh letak air, letak garam sket, pastuh campak semua bahan2.. eh bahan2 x listdown rupernyer.. okeh ni bahan2nya, celery, carrot, leek, tauhu, fishball.. dalam masa 5-10 menet dah siap dah

main course - diet yang memberangsangkan *clap clap*

dessert - diet kah?????????

Hayo, dessert adalah Chocolate Moist camner nak kurus? Dah kira bagus berat x naik.. Maybe sbb x makan nasik kot.. kalau makan nasik campur pulak lauk pauk kemudian diikuti dengan cake, pasti berat naik dengan jayanya! Selamat mencuba *ajaran sesat*

Monday, July 12


Someone is sabotaging my diet & the person is my own bestie, Ms Sasashasha.. Well, her intention is pure (to eat yummy dessert) but I'm accusing her of sabotaging.. To be frank she is sabotaging her diet too & I am sabotaging my diet as well.. I can say that because the morning itself I had Pizza for my brunch while she ate KFC for her breakfast.

Being a great bestie of coz she knows what I like to eat & the place I like to dine... So there she was toetipping from carpark to my pad on rainy saturday evening bringing a brown paper bag consist of Oreo Cheesecake & Blueberry Cheesecake, both from Marmalade cafe, BV2.. No picx of Blueberry Cheesecake as the top layer cheese dah kene jilat by both of us :P

Tuesday, July 6

Muka Tengik!

Yup! Today he is officially 3 months old.. Thats the reason y I'm publishing his face here.. ngengenge.. Ouh, last Saturday went for his 3 months check up & jab.. Faheem's paed said that I can start introduce him with nestum step1 / pureed/ blend solid food.. I'm quite reluctant actually coz I've read sumwhere that we shud start giving solid food when he is 6 month old or so?? Or is it just a myth? So mommies out there, any advise or suggestion? Shud I or shudn't I? Any recipe? --> Tetap!! Makanan baby pun mintak recipe.. Tsk tsk

Come on! Gimme a kissssssssss *pouting*

What?? U don't want 2 kiss me??

I think Faheem inherits my moodswing.. Coz one minute he is very happy, cooing & smiling excitedly.. then the next minute he start doing that "muka tengik" thingy followed by a loud cry.. Those 2 pictures is taken like one or two minutes apart.. Haihs!! Camaner ni? Kenapa x ekut Daddy punya cool? Kenapa ikut mommy punya moody?

Monday, July 5

710? 714?

There is new channel which is 710
And 714 suddenly missing
How come Astro didn't notify me or advertise it?
Or maybe bcoz I didn't subscribe to their monthly newsletter

Well I'm totally fine with it as long as my 701 & 702 is still there
Ouh not to forget 411, 412 & 413 :)

P/s - I'm a die hard fan of CSI, all 3 of them.. so please sayang.. it just happened that u always caught me watching America's Next Top Model doesn't mean that I only watch bimbo stuff --> marah niiii kene kutuk

Thursday, July 1

Mandi-Mandi @ Tamarind Springs

So we had our anniversary dinner at Mandi-Mandi, a Malay & Thai fine cuisine restaurant.. Ouh before that, to reach that restaurant it is quite scary.. well at least to me & tiring too.. we have to walk like a km along the trail & it was raining before we went there so all the frogs are happily enjoying themselves n make weird noises

Dun get me wrong, the trail & stairs are awesome.. only the tikiman/weird statues maybe it is a javanese statues - they are creepy!! No I wont take pictures with that thing.. overall it is totally a different ambience, if i know earlier maybe i wont be that scared.. didn't expect such environment & cant believe there is a jungle in the middle of KL.. dim-lighted with oil lamps, the decoration is unique nevertheless

Us, celebrating :)~

Awesome chicken pandan!! Anybody have the recipe for this?

I'm going to stop here.. I dont care if the entry is hanging without any closure.. Just too sleepy too continue.. Nite everybody (-_-)

P/s - thought we r going to enjoy our moment together to the max but seriously we are so worried Faheem will cry non-stop or make fuss at SIL's.. Turn out he behaved :)

P/s 2 - the place is not suitable for toddler & baby coz it is in the jungle, lotsa mosquito & not stroller friendly