Monday, June 28

Ref kayu!!

Quite a long time havent heard the word Ref kayu.. I'm not a big fan of World Cup but I feel sorry to England team as the ref disallowed Lampard's goal.. The score at that moment Germany-2, England-1.. If the goal is declared as valid it wud be 2-2.. After that, from my point of view England's player memang down.. play like shyt which caused Germany scored another 2.. Final result 4-1

In fact it is a valid goal, no doubt bout it but the ref & linesman said the opposite.. I don't care actually coz I'm not supporting any of the team, but yeah the ref was kayu! big time.. I still believe that if the goal is valid, the game will be more interesting as both team will try their best to score more.. but due to that England dah lemah semangat + x berpuas ati + no mood..

To all 5 ref & linesman.. wth?


  1. setuju !!!!!!

    -dari rakyat England yg tak puas hati

  2. *pitam* rakyat england kah? ahahaha