Tuesday, June 8

My first ever review

If u guys have been reading my blog, yes.. I never write a review, but today I am determine to write my first review - a short one but compact, hopefully. A review of Sea View King room at Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort, Teluk Chempedak.

  1. At night there are mosquitoes & they didn't provide us with any mosquito repellent or even semprot nyamuk (bibik ajar word semprot tuh, spray nyamuk la tu). I remembered staying at Century Pines Resort, Cameron Highland for our babymoon.. they provide us with mosquito repellent - the electric one
  2. The minibar is manifested by ants!! A big NO - NO
  3. The room is old & seriously have not been updated/refurbish for quite some time - please refer picx below of the entry about the bedside table lamp then u'll know what i mean
  4. The toilet floor is somehow leaking or the water flow is just not right, we tried to investigate where the water come from but till now we have no idea.. The abovesaid water is not a big nuisance to us bcoz it is not smelly & is situated below the sink, in other words we did not step on it so biar jer la :P
  5. We called for early check in, and they confirmed that we can check in by 2pm.. we arrived around 2.10pm.. and the room is not ready and only will be ready at 3pm, the same time as normal check in!! apakah?


  1. The view from balcony is just superb specially when sunrise - but this comes with a price tag.. we purposely select the seaview room, fyi normal deluxe room does not facing the sea & cheaper (duh~ of coz)
  2. The housekeeping service is tiptop, rather than knocking the door.. or just skip our room due to 'privacy' tag on the door.. they called in & ask what time i prefer for them to make up the room - everyday.. to conclude, altho i dun mind if they didn't clean my room for a day (bcoz i put the privacy tag), they insist to clean/make up the room on daily basis wic i dun mind as well.
  3. The rest of the services, amenities - pool, lobby, food (i love their donuts!!), etc etc is fairly acceptable & up to standard for a 5-star hotel.

Picx from our balcony, quite lovely i think
During picx was taken, there is no sunshine, hence the gloomy effect
Picx of the room?? errrr.. kami dah sepahkan bilik :P
So, click here for the room picx

Bedside table lamp punya control, siap berplaster both side, so how?

Sekawan semut!!

To conclude, for a price of RM395/per night.. we are definitely not satisfied! Apa kes ada nyamuk n semut, buat malu jer kat mat salleh yang datang!! Thumbs down :(


  1. Hazabnya uolllss hotel tu.. Hotel murah aku pegi pon x pernah lagi jumpa semut menghurung..

  2. cantik nya view from ur room..tapi tak best la plak kalau bersemut and nyamuk tuh..

  3. ilot >> u ols, naseb baik kampeni bayar.. kalau bayar sendiri.. nampak seekor semut je, terus aku mintak upgrade bilik or kekwat trus tukar hotel

    lilly >> an hour after i published entry nih, customer service hotel ni call i tanya semua ok ke.. i komplen la psl semut n nyamuk.. terus ada org clear up minibar tuh n derang provide ubat nyamuk... hehehhe