Wednesday, June 30

3rd Anniversary! woot~ woot~

Today is our 3rd wedding anni + 7th anni since our first date.. Just a short & simple wish.. Sayang, happy anniversary & LUMM.. btw LUMM stands for Love u muahs muah

I'm saving up for our + faheem's gift.. at first the fund was to buy a handbag but it was never enuff (read: tak mampu beli Chanel.. :P huhu).. after rethinking, maybe we shud get a bigger TV!! and slim as well.. but I have to survey first bcoz I totally have no idea what's the difference between LCD, LED & Plasma TV.. Pro/Cons for each type.. Anybody wud love to help me?

The idea came to me few days back.. Faheem really loves watching worldcup with Tok, errr I think a 3 months old baby just love watching bright color + moving things (players chasing a ball).. He watches big TV all this while at Tok's so when we are back at our home, TV kecik je.. Siannnnn Faheem

Not that I hate the bulky TV, I'm totally fine with it.. It serve us without fail all this while & of coz it is free, our wedding gift rite? What say u sayang? Or maybe we shud spend the fund to do/buy sumthing else? Amanah Saham Didik perhaps?


  1. ola! ey u still selling stuff from the States? baguih betul la. sape yg u kenal still in the States ah? i only miss the shopping, the salespeople there NEVER discriminates u. in fact, lagi nak mempokaikan diri ade la haha

  2. congrats to both of u..semoga jodoh berpanjangan ke akhir hayat..

  3. congrats to ita and faris :D

  4. Happy Anniversary :D:D

  5. kak ita... purse comei2 xdop ke?? bb ngidam nak purse la =D
    btw happy anniversarryyy!!

  6. zal, tik, ilot, lilly >> thanks!! wishing the same to u guys.. happily ever after

    lily @ E`n1x >> yup true, their sales assistant mmg x discriminate.. pakai selekeh masuk Burberry pun layanan still first class

    ah >> purse? ngada betul baby nih.. betul ke baby ngidam nih, cam kurang poercaya jer