Wednesday, May 12

missing u so much :(

37th day of confinement period.. current state = mentally tortured, i want to eat ciskek very badly.. i am deeply, truly missing my ciskek dosage.. *gian tahap dewa* ciskek is my designer drug, period!

my mom allow me to eat ciskek but not in big portion, ok that's good news.. however, she refuse to buy it for me bcoz she's not supporting it.. from her point of view, confinement food must be very straightforward type of food.. warm rice, soup, nothing oily, strictly no egg, certain type of vege, certain type fo fruits, certain type fish & certain type of meat. food yg lagho2 seperti chocolate, ciskek, frozen food like frozen karipap ke if possible, hindarkan!

problem is, i'm not allowed to go outside jalan2.. the other day she allow me to go out to pasar malam provided that i go with farris.. am so happy that time however farris refused to bring me out as he said it is reaching maghrib as i'm still 'kotor' takut ada 'benda' ikut n later 'kacau' faheem. so the only time i'm out from the house are on my 4th day pegi hosp check jaundice faheem & 30th day aka 1 month check up, cucuk faheem to the hosp as well... so if i cant go out, saper nak belikan i ciskek?

farris as usual very strict or dengki? macam askar, apa mama ckp, dia implement lagi teruk.. example, during early pregnancy mama told him jgn bg i minum air kelapa.. end up sampai 9 bulan pun dia x bg i minum air kelapa sampai kene ngadu kat mama, then mama cakap "laaa, dah stable pregnancy leh la bg dia minum air kelapa".. so asking him to buy me a ciskek, macam tader harapan je

the other day, ana promise to buy me a ciskek, am talking bout a slice not the whole cake tau!! it seems she's the one who bought Along a ciskek during her confinement gak.. *hati berbunga bunga* tetibe masa dia balik, dia ckp dia mmg betul2 terlupa.. but she brought KFC.. yeay!!! ouh, i only can eat the chicken only.. mashed potato tableh amik sbb potato = angin, n coleslaw is forbidden as well sbb kobis = sejuk.. cili sos pun tableh sbb processed food seme ada bahan pengawet..

so here i am, merempan in a blog sambil bermuram durja.. but i ate alot, 5 times a day.. lapar duhhhhhhhhh... nasi dengan ulam pun blasah mcm 3 hari x jumpa nasi.. hehehe :P

cheesecake yg nampak sgt sedap *air liur menjejes*


  1. babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,
    didnt know u're suffering.. :)
    but i guess faheem dah a month,
    there's like 20 more days aje plus minus..
    so, hang in there.

  2. Sabar babe, lagi 7 hari je if your confinement day is 44 days... kalau seratus hari?? Merasa!

  3. demn. i pun mau ciskek lepas nih... LOL