Thursday, May 20

Merdeka? Ya rite...pffttt

Yesterday was the last day of my confinement period, yup! today is the 45th day.. merdeka!! But come to think of it.. why shud i be happy about? There are still lotsa pantang larang i have to obey.. have to watch what i eat to reduce colic occurance to faheem.

Mama did some lecture from time to time.. I forgot most of the details.. Hahaha, abes la camnih.. I keep on asking again & again untill she says "camnih la, makan sket2 la.. apa2 food pun kalau makan dalam quantity yg byk mmg memudaratkan" - betul jugak kan?

But........ she keep on reminding me about 6 food that I have to avoid for a year.. nenas, jambu batu, air kelapa, umbut kelapa, pisang berangan & mushroom (all type).. quite easy to remember..There are also a list of food which i can only take after 4/5 month or so.. but I only can remember 3 of it which are kacang panjang, peanuts & nangka/cempedak... Will ask mama in front of DH as he remembers details better compared to me

apa yang merdeka sangat pun? I am happier & appreciate more when i declare my independence againts barut/bengkung about 2 weeks ago, like 30th or 31st day i think..hehehe.. mama no longer pester @ force me to wear bengkung... thank god!! it is very torturing wearing that *bleep* bengkung - limited movement, feels like u r strapped at mental institution but in different way of coz.. ketat lagi! susah nak nafas lagi! kene duduk tegak lagi! all that & at the same time juggling with ur new born.. *sigh*

Hmmm..need to be more positive.. hey!! at least i'm enjoying maruku today as evening snack :)

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