Thursday, May 27

First Outing

Last sunday marked as Faheem's first outing, my first outing after terperap macam getah sekerap sekian lama & of course our little family first outing - just the three of us + perasaan nervous di hati takut faheem mengamuk nangis x henti

Turn out everything was ok, faheem lalok je duk dlm kereta & lalok gak dlm stroller provided that stroller tidak dlm keadaan pegun. Masa berenti makan sound system dia pun bunyik eh~ eh~ eh~, so we take turn to eat.. After asking few frens, it seems normal kalau baby merengek kalau stroller tuh stagnant..

Few mishap here n there.. nak fit car seat to stroller lama gila, manouver pun x smooth - asek duk tersangkut je wheel blakang bila wat turning, we have no idea where the lift is - all this while guna escalator jer & etc etc. Give us some slack okies? we are new parents.. still hav to learn a lot..

one of the mishap :P


  1. aww faheem so cute, by the way ita, great figure meh just one month after delivering, :D

  2. ye la, i pon nak ckp benda yg sama...u just look great Ita walau baru 1 bulan bersalin. Waaa...sgt fabulous mummy ini macam :)

  3. Goodness gracious, you have gotten your figure balik. Macam mana... mari cerita dalam email... need tips!

  4. dalia, neny & eefei.. thanks for the compliment, tp perut x firm lg mcm sedikit jeli tatau nak wat camner.. kene wat situp agaknye tp malas