Saturday, April 3

April Fool

The due date has come n gone...yes, if u guys are wondering i'm still pregnant.. not that i dont want to update my blog and accidentally raised the speculation, but the blogger/blogspot is acting funny, weird for the past few days.. For those who keep on calling me, sms, emailing asking bout the baby, dia tamo klua.. enuff said! And the non-stress test (CTG) shows no sign he's eager to come out either.. So, harap bersabar yer.. I boleh bersabar membawa perut/buntut/paha/tetet yang mengembang nih, takkan u ols taleh bersabar? :P

What we do on the keramat date? 1st April.. rather than anxious duk kat umah & do the things normally I do.. DH & i opt to go out.. indulge in good food, and give me more walking exercise.. Went to Cineleisure for lunch untuk melantak ribs kat Tony Roma.. nyum nyum.. wanted to watch movie but nothing interest both of us unless I want to watch some chinese movie, hero adalah Andy Lau.. ok! adalah agak kertu Andy Lau as hero.. *uwek uwek*

Back and forth, jalan2 between Ikano-Curve-Cineleisure from noon until evening, then I gave up.. Tuh x buat coverage ke Ikea lagi, dah rasa macam nak tercabut soket2 sendi2 kat kaki.. Headed home, I landed on the sofa n dozed off sekelip mata, penat gila la kunun.. Around 8.30pm went out for dinner at Doli Kuay Tiow Goreng, TTDI with Sasa.. melepak until 11 which way pass her bedtime.. Sian dia, melepak sampai malam esok kene kerja.. Ouh, sedap gak la Kuay Tiow Goreng kat situ.. Kuay Tiow Goreng bukan Char Kuay tiow tau!! Sampai parking rumah, hubby said he want to walk around the block.. and there I was getting another walking exercise tengah malam buta... better la sbb tader matahari kan? heheh.. taperla, dah lama tak berjalan2.. when I was in Mentakab, memang kene kerah berjalan teman Mama gi merata2.. hehehe

Ari jumaat? I duduk berkulat balik... selamat kaki aku! :)

P/s - Please dun ask whether I made mistake on declaring my first day of last period cycle which resulted wrong calculated due date.. I know my cycle, I keep track of it and the due date is correct!! What can I do if the baby is cosy inside? Dun treat me like alien please..


  1. hahahaaa, ada aje baby yg tak ready kluar..
    there was one episode in ER yg momma dia taknak kasik doktor kluarkan baby even dah past due date.. since dia tak contract and such.. well i think if doctor is okay with it, than it's okay, profesional opinion counts rite?

  2. doctor i big believer of natural birth.. since both me n baby mmg in good condition (amniotic fluid ok, bp i ok, baby x stress) so dia biar jer... tp kene monitor slalu la..

  3. yeap... kalau mummy & baby ok, i rasa biar je la kan. baby belom readylah tu. i ada kawan yang lewat 2 minggu ok. rupanye baby dia nak jadik baby merdeka. kuar 31/8.

    take care ita!!!