Friday, March 26

Luahan Rasa..

I am tired of waiting...
I am tired being anxious everyday..
I hate uncertainty..
I hate surprises..
Can sumbody just gimme an exact date when I'm going for labor?

On the other hand
Am I ready?
I am so terrified..super duper terrified!
I wish I dont have to face all of these..
Can the baby just stay in me?

Sumthing to be +ve about
I had an easy pregnancy except the first trimester bleeding
No cramps, no edema, no backpain
Good health! minus the flu of course
Good sleep --> if not I'll be cranky
Maybe he can stay in the womb as long as he wants

I want to go out!
Maybe strolling beside the beach or park
I hate staying at home but I choose to stay put
Bcoz if I go out, I easily get tired & mengah!
It is a big clash between what I want & what I did

Sigh~ Jiwa kacau~
Leave me alone with my favorite chocolate!

P/s - At 6.30am, ada lori fogging nyamuk kat area umah.. gigih betul buat keje pagi2 buta. Slalu nampak lori fongging petang jer.. hmm.. Last but not least, have a great weekend people!


  1. selalunya kan..bila dah ada feeling2 gitu kan. tandanya baby dah nak kuar.

    owh ita - i seriously understand the feeling. crying mcm org gile sbb rasa tak prepared. and takut jadik a bad mom.

    but u will not be a bad mom. trust me. i tot i'm a bad mom back then. tapi lama2 u will adapt & will be very proud to be his/her mom.

    good luck darling.

  2. be patient okeh.. u still have another 6 days left!