Wednesday, March 17

Kudos to Pos Malaysia

The other day I went to Pejabat Pos Malaysia, Mentakab... settling whatever I want to settle there, then I looked outside and it looks like it's going to rain soon + angin ribut taufan + kapas or kekabu (dun ask me, i have no idea where those kapas or kekabu came from). So, I run towards the car (yes, i run.. i sumtimes forgot that I'm pregnant) n headed to my next destination.

I arrived at my destination, CIMB bank and its already raining heavily... Arghh, redah jer la..bukan mati pun kene air hujan.. Off to pharmacy - bought flu + sorethroat + headache + cough medicine for both my parents then, off to my next destination.. kedai wat mehndi (inai) n booked them for Ana's wedding.. Alang2 dah klua, klua jer la.. I never expected it's going to be raining coz the wheather is just fine before I went out plus it has not been raining for quite some time *musim kemarau sangat*

Then, headed home n search for my phone to call Ana.. just to update progress n what not.. In a second I realized I dun have my phone.. Thats the beauty of having bulky black phone in beige colour handbag inner lining! Think Ita, where is the phone? Ar yes! post office.. that is the last time I use the phone, went back to post office... Hopefully it is still there, kalau x memang kene maki la dgn DH.. It seems all the phone he bought for me end up missing!!

At pos ofis, checking around.. shyt, not anywhere to be seen.. berdebar2.. then I proceed to one of the counter

Worried Me: Saya tertinggal handphone.. ada jumpa phone saya x?
Counter 5: Hilang phone yer? Cuba tanya counter 3
Worried Me: Kak, saya hilang phone
Counter 3: Ha... handphone awak jenis apa?
Worried Me: Blackberry
Counter 3: Kaler aper?
Worried Me: Itam
Counter 3: Hah! Tulis no phone awak sendiri *hulur kertas & pen*
Worried Me: *tulis*
Counter 3: *calling the number that I gave*
Counter 3: X dengar ringing pun
Worried Me: Phone saya bunyi ringing memang x kuat..
Counter 3: *bukak laci, amik phone & belek* Aah la, ada missed call
Counter 3: Ok, saper yang awak call or awak received call hari nih?
Not so worried me: Ayong, Ana, Farris, Sasa, Jesz..
Counter 3: Memang phone awak la nih - sambung bebel *bebebebeb*
Happy me: *dengar bebelan* then manis mulut ucap trima kasih

Sesampainyer di rumah.. Eh, mana papa n mama ni? tadi ajak klua seme tanak ekut sbb x sedap badan.. bila kita klua, terus dating berdua *x puas hati betul!* Sebab x puas ati, call papa...mama yang angkat

Me: Mana mama n papa gi? Kata demam?
Mama: Ha tu la, org pos ofis call suh amik tepon awak
Me: Eh, Ita dah dapat phone Ita balik
Mama: Tau lah, dah nombor awak yg klua.. Mama emo nih!!
Me: Napernyer?
Mama: Orang pos ofis tuh call Papa, dia suh amik tepon awak.. pastuh dah sampai sana.. mama pegi la kat counter tuh.. dia tanya macam2 soklan kat mama.. apa no tepon awak, apa jenis tepon.. mana la mama tau apa tepon awak tuh, dah la mama mmg x ingat number, dah slama nih simpan dlm phonebook.. nak baca dr phonebook no phone awak tuh, mama x bawak spek..mana nampak..
Me: Pastuh orang tuh cakap aper?
Mama: Orang tuh x bg mama amik phone awak, mama cakap la.. cuba la try nombor phone awak call td.. mmg phone nih yg akan bunyi (referring to papa's phone) tp orang tuh tanak call.. mama cakap la.. kat phone dia mmg save as Papa, nih memang phone suami saya la.. ayah dia.. Mama bengang la.. tepon suh kita amik, tapi tanak bagi.. baik tayah tepon, buat susah mama datang jer
Me: Oooo, jadi mama dtg dulu pos ofis baru ita datang la?
Mama: Yer la, skang singgah umah tok jap..
Me: Ok, taperlah Ita pun dah kat umah, phone pun dah dapat balik

What's the conclusion?
  1. Despite that the staff menyusahkan both my parents, I support what they have done that day.. asked so many question but I believe its all precaution matter so that they gave the handphone to the correct owner rather than some dude claiming it's their phone
  2. They also invade my privacy, opened the contact by getting Papa's number, the call logs as they verifying my answer... but what the hell, it's not that I have high security government secret in my phone.. at least they r being thorough by checking those items.

So, here I am.. dengan rasa rendah diri ingin berterima kasih kepada staff2 Pejabat Pos Malaysia cawangan Mentakab kerana telah menjalankan tugas dengan bersih, cekap & amanah (eh, nih tag line polis kan? ker tagline government servant?)

I almost say hi again to my Nokia cabuk if not bcoz of them... hihihi... Fyi, I never appreciate & I dun care bout the bb's functionality.. as for me, Phone = Call, SMS, MMS & Alarm.. thats all.. So email, BBM, YM, FB mobile, blog updating thru BB are really not my thing.. The only thing I like about it is I no longer have to press number 7 for 4 times during sms to get letter S, or press number 2 for 3 times to get letter C.. I'm thinking 2 terminate my data plan because I never use it.. Whats the purpose paying extra every month for the service u never bother to use?

My own negligence? I wud say yes.. apart of that I still believe becoz I never appreciate it.. BB itu sedeh/merajuk & tidak mahu bertuankan saya.. maybe this one just a warning.. Remember the ring that I gave DH during wedding, the ring just went missing bcoz he always said that the ring is bulky, heavy & refused to wear it.. Now, I have to start take care of my belonging's feeling.. Nanti derang merajuk lalu menghilangkan diri which will cost me more :P

P/s - BB stands for blackberry, broadband & baby.. Depends who u r talking to, make sure to interpret the correct meaning for shortform bb in ur daily conversation in emails & IM (skype, YM, gtalk, MSN, etc)


  1. wah, nak komen nak komen, hahaha nak romen (ops salah, sori)

    saya stuju awak puji pujian pada mereka yg buat kerja bersih cekap dan amanah.. we never know when these kinda people akan pupus, tisk tisk, so let's appreciate them while they last.. :)

    and me personally believe yg personal belonging juga pandai mrajuk, sbagai contoh my cabuk car, heheee.. afterall banyak juga jasa those item in our life apa.. hehehe

  2. awas beromen di sini.. syuh~ syuh~ *bunyi menghalau*

    yer, personal belonging kuat merajuk.. kalau nak kutuk kete or usha kete lain.. sila buat dlm kete org lain bukan kete sendiri

  3. Hmm aha I agree. Kete pon pandai merajuk or pura pura sakit hehe. Nway pjgnyer entry yu.