Friday, March 19

F*ck off dude..

Below is taken from my close/good friend's blog.. correction was a good friend of mine, at least that's how I felt when I read his recent post..

"I consider being single more of a privilege. I cound go on a weekend trip with the boys on the bat. I don't have the pressure to come up with plans every other day. I don't have to meet friends of friends that I have absolutely no interest in meeting in the first place. And I certainly do not get dragged to TGIF just because she has a sudden craving and even if I do, I'd only pay for my own steak, thank you very much"

Well, the font in red is definitely referring to me as my status at FB yesterday (thursday) was "Encik F***** A*******, saya tanak masak hari nih.. Saya nak makan steak kat TGIF.. pleaseeee"

To whom it may concern, the sudden craving comes because I had sex with my husband which resulting me, carrying his baby in my tummy.. Summore, being pregnant n alone almost throughout the pregnancy because he have to work outstation most of the time, he'd better pay for my steak.. period!

Now, knowing u since we are 18.. it took me 10 years to realize that u r such a douchebag.. N all this while I tot Jon Gosselin is biggest ever douchebag.. I maybe have a new candidate now.. No wonder u never had a real girlfriend, u sux big time.. By the way dude, since married I had regular sex.. beat that loser!

P/s - to all, so sorry if my post spoiled your pagi jumaat yg mulia


  1. Now you make me want to have cravings :)

    Jangan sedih2, saya kan ada.

  2. uuu.. i bet u'll prefer chilli crab dekat fatty crab more than that steak.

    regular sex? ummm... where's my nighties? (uniform for love making) uhuk!!

  3. haha... excuse that guy.. may be he is just gay... so he would never do sex with woman and would never entertain pregnant woman craving..

  4. he is such an idiot. we love you aritha.

    if i am your husband and u r carrying my baby, i will treat u like my precious gem

  5. woh, always shocking summore yer entri.. i dah bersara from being terribly offended by friends good one or not.. there's no way for other people to understand me, hehehe.. so i just stop caring..

    by the way, i am sure yer hubby more than happy bawak u dinner kat tgif.. :) ..the mamat beg mengisi bahan membasuh bahagian dalam sulit wanita itu (douchebag=i only know the meaning of douche, hahahaha.. so the douchebag term, i main hentam ajelah meaning dia, kahkahkah), it will take another douchebag to make them an equal couplelah..

  6. Well too bad that guy is missing stgh in his life. Wait till he is old,with no wife to talk to or kids to be proud of or take care of him....weeeeeyyyy btw he is just one poor, ugly, stupid fella haha

  7. eefei >> not to worry, i no longer emo - after all it is so not worth it to emo lama2 with that dude

    mk >> alamak, camner leh lupa nak mkn chilli crab nih.. nanti akan ku usulkan mkn di situ dlm jangka masa terdekat.. nighties? huhuhu.. ada nighties jarang mcm kain net tuh x *hiks*

    ilot >> surprisingly, he is the one n only my guy fren yg stret.. the rest mmg bengkok la, n yg bengkok2 nih lg concern sebenarnya.. so i wud say.. it depends on upbringing maybe.. if ur mom tot u good 2 respect people.. u'll respect people (man, women, pregnant ladies, OKU) regardless ur sexuality

    izzu >> dun worrie, farris is more than happy to accomodate my cravings.. sampai dia sendiri naik 3kg asek teman i mkn :)

    dalia >> itulah.. asek wat controversy jer aku nih, entry memasak dah tader.. aahahaha.. ejaan douchebag tuh x tau betul ke x.. dulu slalu sebut, tp x penah type.. since preggy mmg mulut jaga tp carutan secara type pulak bermula.. ampes betul

    tinie >> we had great time yesterday.. thanks babe for coming.. dah la fawwaz duk hangkut paperbag aussino tuh merata2.. lawak gila

  8. yeah! beat the loser!! maybe he's gay.. eeiii...yucks! ;P