Wednesday, March 24

Baby Gifts & such..

It took me a while to post this entry.. relatives & friends keep on asking me what I want for my baby gifts.. I seriously didn't know how to answer that..I am torn, if I point out what I want.. it will be too demanding, if I didn't say anything, they will keep on pestering me n asking again.. So, I answered "taperlah, mostly barang baby dah ada.. tayah susah2" - the safest answer u betcha, not! another problem appeared - it seems whoever received that answer sangat2 tak berpuas hati with that kinda of answer :P

What am I going to do? After all preparation welcoming baby is tip top - the stuff n such.. only both parents mentally not prepared.. dah makin dekat makin in denial... ahahha.. So one day I chatted with a fren, she suggested to make a wishlist and I said.. "wow~ tu lagi la macam demanding" and she said "alar, sooner or later u r going to buy that for ur baby right? no harm done" So here is the list that I can think of for now.. things that yet to buy but I'm going 2 buy it anyway later maybe in 2-3 months time...

Clip-On Fan

Night Lights - pack of 2
RM37.00 @ Mothercare

Chest Drawer - White Aneboda
RM199.00 @ Ikea - Ikea voucher will do :P

Play Gym

Cot Bumper
RM49.90 or RM39.90 @ WorldofCartoon, Ikano


  1. itu je ke? i can think of lots to fatten up ur wishlist! lol

  2. no need la.. anything else that i need later, i'll buy it myself.. skang x tau nak apa sbb tader experience

  3. hi ita, only now i know u have a blog.. :) lambat la i.. isk!

    ermm just fyi, i don't really recommend u buying the white aneboda.. the drawer nye base inside mcm tak tahan sgt laa.. cepat melengkung if we put heavy loads inside. even baju2.. we have one at home, my SIL also has one. hers yg dalam tu runtuh walhal dia taruk baju2 anak dia je.. so after knowing that, we just put lightweight stuff in there.. and after sometimes, the base tu bhgn bwh dia start keluar habuk kayu ke ape ntah halus2.. and kotorkan the drawer yg bwh..

    just my 2 cents..

    cop's wife @ dwimaya :)

  4. akak melurrr --> nickname lama
    n i tot all ikea stuff adalah berquality :(