Monday, March 29

The Stalker

I was cooking n I felt being watched.. Not only by a pair of eyes, but three pairs!! Hey, I am not hollywoood celebrity n they are definitely not paparazi as they didnt carry any camera with them.. Hmmm, they are stalking me watching everything that I'm doing...

the stalker

These are not my cat, these are my neibor's... My wet kitchen is facing their back yard.. Hehehe, sumtimes there are 3 of them, sumtimes there are 4 of them.. cute rite? I think they are just plain bored and I'm their muse :P

Friday, March 26

Luahan Rasa..

I am tired of waiting...
I am tired being anxious everyday..
I hate uncertainty..
I hate surprises..
Can sumbody just gimme an exact date when I'm going for labor?

On the other hand
Am I ready?
I am so terrified..super duper terrified!
I wish I dont have to face all of these..
Can the baby just stay in me?

Sumthing to be +ve about
I had an easy pregnancy except the first trimester bleeding
No cramps, no edema, no backpain
Good health! minus the flu of course
Good sleep --> if not I'll be cranky
Maybe he can stay in the womb as long as he wants

I want to go out!
Maybe strolling beside the beach or park
I hate staying at home but I choose to stay put
Bcoz if I go out, I easily get tired & mengah!
It is a big clash between what I want & what I did

Sigh~ Jiwa kacau~
Leave me alone with my favorite chocolate!

P/s - At 6.30am, ada lori fogging nyamuk kat area umah.. gigih betul buat keje pagi2 buta. Slalu nampak lori fongging petang jer.. hmm.. Last but not least, have a great weekend people!

Wednesday, March 24

Baby Gifts & such..

It took me a while to post this entry.. relatives & friends keep on asking me what I want for my baby gifts.. I seriously didn't know how to answer that..I am torn, if I point out what I want.. it will be too demanding, if I didn't say anything, they will keep on pestering me n asking again.. So, I answered "taperlah, mostly barang baby dah ada.. tayah susah2" - the safest answer u betcha, not! another problem appeared - it seems whoever received that answer sangat2 tak berpuas hati with that kinda of answer :P

What am I going to do? After all preparation welcoming baby is tip top - the stuff n such.. only both parents mentally not prepared.. dah makin dekat makin in denial... ahahha.. So one day I chatted with a fren, she suggested to make a wishlist and I said.. "wow~ tu lagi la macam demanding" and she said "alar, sooner or later u r going to buy that for ur baby right? no harm done" So here is the list that I can think of for now.. things that yet to buy but I'm going 2 buy it anyway later maybe in 2-3 months time...

Clip-On Fan

Night Lights - pack of 2
RM37.00 @ Mothercare

Chest Drawer - White Aneboda
RM199.00 @ Ikea - Ikea voucher will do :P

Play Gym

Cot Bumper
RM49.90 or RM39.90 @ WorldofCartoon, Ikano

Tuesday, March 23


Statement untuk hari ini: Saya ada stretchmarks!!!!!!! :(

Ok, not that bad actually.. In fact skit jer.. Not that depressing anyway.. hehe..Kalau beriya tengok baru nampak.. Maybe dah appear for the last 2-3 weeks or baru appear last 2-3 days, I have no idea.. didn't realized it.

Yesterday went for my 38th week check up, nurse tuh tegor.. U ada pakai cream, oil or vit e x kat perut? N I answered yes... U dah start ada stretchmark la, sayang nanti perut x cantek.. Terus mata terbuntang, What? I ada stretchmark? Then gigih nurse tuh tunjuk my stretchmark at area D

U see, it is impossible to see the said marks when u have protruding tummy - area A covering ur sight from area C & area D.. Sebab aku x nampak aku wat la muka blank.. nurse tuh siap angkat2 perut I nak tunjuk jugak area D tuh.. sampai senak jadinya, las las aku buat muka convincing macam nampak then wat muka sedeh.. in fact aku x nampak pe pe yer. Balik umah, depan cermin sebesar satu pintu.. memang kene tengok reflection, kalau nak tgk tanpa cermin sampai sudah la tak nampak ape2.. terus I belek2.. n to my horror, mmg ada stretchmark!!

My mum always remind me to apply cream/oil which I did religiously everyday since I was 3 months pregnant.. but mama cakap sapu kat perut same as everybody else doktor2 x bertauliah, mommies mommies punya nasihat.. jangan lupa sapu perut dgn cream/oil.. SAPU PERUT, SAPU PERUT & SAPU PERUT~

Y am i writing this shyt? Haih.. bcoz it is frustrating.. All this while I sapu kat perut, memang perutlah iaitu area A, B (around belly button) & area C, sampai kat boobies pun I sapu sebenarnya.. but I never apply at area D.. coz I never know that area will expand, or maybe titik asalan stretchmark bermula di situ? i don't know!

So to all mommy-to-be specially in your early pregnancy, dont forget to apply cream/oil at area D - which is at your pangkal ari-ari.. seriously, no kidding! Altho the rubbing/applying 8tvt looks like u'r molesting yourself.. ahahah.. tapi nak cantek ke tanak? So buat jer okes?

Saturday, March 20


Just to clear off my previous post title - which contain explicit word from other people's blogroll. Sekian..

Friday, March 19

F*ck off dude..

Below is taken from my close/good friend's blog.. correction was a good friend of mine, at least that's how I felt when I read his recent post..

"I consider being single more of a privilege. I cound go on a weekend trip with the boys on the bat. I don't have the pressure to come up with plans every other day. I don't have to meet friends of friends that I have absolutely no interest in meeting in the first place. And I certainly do not get dragged to TGIF just because she has a sudden craving and even if I do, I'd only pay for my own steak, thank you very much"

Well, the font in red is definitely referring to me as my status at FB yesterday (thursday) was "Encik F***** A*******, saya tanak masak hari nih.. Saya nak makan steak kat TGIF.. pleaseeee"

To whom it may concern, the sudden craving comes because I had sex with my husband which resulting me, carrying his baby in my tummy.. Summore, being pregnant n alone almost throughout the pregnancy because he have to work outstation most of the time, he'd better pay for my steak.. period!

Now, knowing u since we are 18.. it took me 10 years to realize that u r such a douchebag.. N all this while I tot Jon Gosselin is biggest ever douchebag.. I maybe have a new candidate now.. No wonder u never had a real girlfriend, u sux big time.. By the way dude, since married I had regular sex.. beat that loser!

P/s - to all, so sorry if my post spoiled your pagi jumaat yg mulia

Thursday, March 18

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa

Yer la tuh, title macam bagus.. anyway, just wanted to tell u guys my little secret.. I can't differentiate between cibai ngan cabai.. Konfiden sebut cibai dengan jayanya referring 2 cili padi.. Dah few times kene gelak dengan DH

Lesson learnt.. sudeh! sebut cili padi sajork, abes crita...

Wednesday, March 17

Kudos to Pos Malaysia

The other day I went to Pejabat Pos Malaysia, Mentakab... settling whatever I want to settle there, then I looked outside and it looks like it's going to rain soon + angin ribut taufan + kapas or kekabu (dun ask me, i have no idea where those kapas or kekabu came from). So, I run towards the car (yes, i run.. i sumtimes forgot that I'm pregnant) n headed to my next destination.

I arrived at my destination, CIMB bank and its already raining heavily... Arghh, redah jer la..bukan mati pun kene air hujan.. Off to pharmacy - bought flu + sorethroat + headache + cough medicine for both my parents then, off to my next destination.. kedai wat mehndi (inai) n booked them for Ana's wedding.. Alang2 dah klua, klua jer la.. I never expected it's going to be raining coz the wheather is just fine before I went out plus it has not been raining for quite some time *musim kemarau sangat*

Then, headed home n search for my phone to call Ana.. just to update progress n what not.. In a second I realized I dun have my phone.. Thats the beauty of having bulky black phone in beige colour handbag inner lining! Think Ita, where is the phone? Ar yes! post office.. that is the last time I use the phone, went back to post office... Hopefully it is still there, kalau x memang kene maki la dgn DH.. It seems all the phone he bought for me end up missing!!

At pos ofis, checking around.. shyt, not anywhere to be seen.. berdebar2.. then I proceed to one of the counter

Worried Me: Saya tertinggal handphone.. ada jumpa phone saya x?
Counter 5: Hilang phone yer? Cuba tanya counter 3
Worried Me: Kak, saya hilang phone
Counter 3: Ha... handphone awak jenis apa?
Worried Me: Blackberry
Counter 3: Kaler aper?
Worried Me: Itam
Counter 3: Hah! Tulis no phone awak sendiri *hulur kertas & pen*
Worried Me: *tulis*
Counter 3: *calling the number that I gave*
Counter 3: X dengar ringing pun
Worried Me: Phone saya bunyi ringing memang x kuat..
Counter 3: *bukak laci, amik phone & belek* Aah la, ada missed call
Counter 3: Ok, saper yang awak call or awak received call hari nih?
Not so worried me: Ayong, Ana, Farris, Sasa, Jesz..
Counter 3: Memang phone awak la nih - sambung bebel *bebebebeb*
Happy me: *dengar bebelan* then manis mulut ucap trima kasih

Sesampainyer di rumah.. Eh, mana papa n mama ni? tadi ajak klua seme tanak ekut sbb x sedap badan.. bila kita klua, terus dating berdua *x puas hati betul!* Sebab x puas ati, call papa...mama yang angkat

Me: Mana mama n papa gi? Kata demam?
Mama: Ha tu la, org pos ofis call suh amik tepon awak
Me: Eh, Ita dah dapat phone Ita balik
Mama: Tau lah, dah nombor awak yg klua.. Mama emo nih!!
Me: Napernyer?
Mama: Orang pos ofis tuh call Papa, dia suh amik tepon awak.. pastuh dah sampai sana.. mama pegi la kat counter tuh.. dia tanya macam2 soklan kat mama.. apa no tepon awak, apa jenis tepon.. mana la mama tau apa tepon awak tuh, dah la mama mmg x ingat number, dah slama nih simpan dlm phonebook.. nak baca dr phonebook no phone awak tuh, mama x bawak spek..mana nampak..
Me: Pastuh orang tuh cakap aper?
Mama: Orang tuh x bg mama amik phone awak, mama cakap la.. cuba la try nombor phone awak call td.. mmg phone nih yg akan bunyi (referring to papa's phone) tp orang tuh tanak call.. mama cakap la.. kat phone dia mmg save as Papa, nih memang phone suami saya la.. ayah dia.. Mama bengang la.. tepon suh kita amik, tapi tanak bagi.. baik tayah tepon, buat susah mama datang jer
Me: Oooo, jadi mama dtg dulu pos ofis baru ita datang la?
Mama: Yer la, skang singgah umah tok jap..
Me: Ok, taperlah Ita pun dah kat umah, phone pun dah dapat balik

What's the conclusion?
  1. Despite that the staff menyusahkan both my parents, I support what they have done that day.. asked so many question but I believe its all precaution matter so that they gave the handphone to the correct owner rather than some dude claiming it's their phone
  2. They also invade my privacy, opened the contact by getting Papa's number, the call logs as they verifying my answer... but what the hell, it's not that I have high security government secret in my phone.. at least they r being thorough by checking those items.

So, here I am.. dengan rasa rendah diri ingin berterima kasih kepada staff2 Pejabat Pos Malaysia cawangan Mentakab kerana telah menjalankan tugas dengan bersih, cekap & amanah (eh, nih tag line polis kan? ker tagline government servant?)

I almost say hi again to my Nokia cabuk if not bcoz of them... hihihi... Fyi, I never appreciate & I dun care bout the bb's functionality.. as for me, Phone = Call, SMS, MMS & Alarm.. thats all.. So email, BBM, YM, FB mobile, blog updating thru BB are really not my thing.. The only thing I like about it is I no longer have to press number 7 for 4 times during sms to get letter S, or press number 2 for 3 times to get letter C.. I'm thinking 2 terminate my data plan because I never use it.. Whats the purpose paying extra every month for the service u never bother to use?

My own negligence? I wud say yes.. apart of that I still believe becoz I never appreciate it.. BB itu sedeh/merajuk & tidak mahu bertuankan saya.. maybe this one just a warning.. Remember the ring that I gave DH during wedding, the ring just went missing bcoz he always said that the ring is bulky, heavy & refused to wear it.. Now, I have to start take care of my belonging's feeling.. Nanti derang merajuk lalu menghilangkan diri which will cost me more :P

P/s - BB stands for blackberry, broadband & baby.. Depends who u r talking to, make sure to interpret the correct meaning for shortform bb in ur daily conversation in emails & IM (skype, YM, gtalk, MSN, etc)

Monday, March 8


Phewwww~ Baru balik dari Kuantan, minggu lepas asek ulang alik KL-Mentakab-Kuantan jer.. Penat giler! Hopefully tader la terberanak tengah hiway while driving... Ouh, yes.. I still can drive.. Perut tak cecah paha pun :P *alhamdulilah*

One of the day la, x ingat hari apa.. gi visit kandang kambeng.. hohohoh.. jakun jakun.. Reason being, nak booking kambeng akikah - 2 ekor kambeng jantan bersize Large.. kambeng kat situ ada 3 size, Small, Medium & Large.. Since nak buat lauk kenduri kawen, so belila 2-2 ekor Large size... Tader la cantek ngat kambeng tuh, tapi cantek la dari kambeng yg slalu kita nampak tepi2 jalan tuh.. Coz all this while, dlm otak kalau sebut kambeng jer.. memang ingat kambeng jenis tuh jer! Mama panggey kambeng tepi jalan tuh, kambeng kampung.. betul ke x, tatau

Kambeng akikah yang telah di booking (lain2 breed ni)
Sekor - gemok pendek, sekor lagi - tinggi & taff

Kat kandang tuh, selain kambeng akikah.. dia ada breed kambeng guna permanian beradas.. Wow!! Kandang kambeng kat ulu ceruk kampung pun maju rupernyer.. Seriously, never tot of that.. Nanti org2 jabatan haiwan & vet datang cek kambeng2 tuh.. seme kambeng pompuan anak2 dara.. So nanti bila derang beranak, derang beranak ramai2.. so it is easier for the owner to market anak2 kambeng tuh serentak in bulk!

Inilah kambeng2 anak dara untuk tujuan permanian beradas
Soon akan devirginisekan oleh seorang veterinar
Aksi2 tgh masuk kandang, lepas masuk kandang baru dpt dinner

Owner kandang tuh pun rajin bercerita, dia ada gak bgtau breed kambeng2 nih.. tp dah lupa la... So kitorang kat sana lama gak la.. Stakat pilih kambeng then bayar deposit bukan lama ngat pun.. Tapi duk layan owner tuh cerita, masukkan (usher) kambeng tuh dalam kandang, then bagi makan kambeng.. Sumthing new n interesting la, at least for me..

kambeng2 nih x busuk.. n kandangnyer juga tidak busuk.. Maybe owner tuh betul2 jaga kebersihan area kandang tuh & dia pun cakap dia mandikan kambeng2 tuh once in a while.. Saper cakap kambeng takut mandi?

Thursday, March 4

Baby Gemok?

So I went for my 36th week routine check up.. During scan, as usual gynae will scan my baby.. and this conversation took place..

Me: Berapa eh berat baby skang nih?
Doc: 3.0 kg
Me: Hah! Cepatnya dia memberat.. Last 4 weeks dia 1.7kg jer
Doc: Ooo, berat tulang jer nih.. Flesh tak byk pun
Me: Huh? *muka blank*
Doc: I measured baby's femur lenght.. Baby u nih tinggi! Your husband tinggi x?
Me: My husband is taller than me
Doc: Then, no wonder baby u panjang.. both parents tinggi
Me: So baby x gemok la, cuma tinggi?
Doc: Yup, hopefully this few weeks he will pile up on baby fat..

Hah! *pose jual anak* So, sesaper yang nak menantu lelaki yang tinggi.. boleh start booking dari skarang.. Dijamin berbaka tinggi, ibu = 168cm, bapa = 172cm :P

Ok move on to serious matter, baby's quick update..
1. Position - head down since 28th weeks.. not breech *yeay*
2. Placenta - up & not disturbing uterus opening.. so far
3. Umbilical Cord - at proper place, not wrapped around body/neck *yeay*

Mommy's quick update...
1. Blood pressure - ok :)
2. Urine - ok / clear :)
3. MOGTT - passed despite both parents are diabetic :P
4. Edema (bengkak air) - nope, i still can wear my wedding ring! :)
5. Skin discoloration - ketiak adalah sangat hitam!! apakah??
6. Weight gain - so far 8kg's
7. Strechmark - no new marks, only pre-pregnancy marks at thigh
8. Boobies - *censored*
9. Gum bleed - twice/thrice everyday! *raja bersiong in the making*
10. Heartburn - huhuhu, once in a while.. really sux!
11. Saket pinggang/buntut/pinggul - once in a while, tabesnyerr :(
12. Belly button - Separa tersentil.. erm, i'm soooo not liking it

Ok, thats all!

P/s - I received the admission form today.. Is this for real? Am I ready? Oh no.. I've been in denial for so long.. Sayang, cepat balik.. Saya sangat takutttt!!!

Tuesday, March 2

Busy Bee

Since last week, a bit bz.. Ana gave us 1 week notice for her merisik turned bertunang ceremony.. Then during perbincangan tarikh kawen ditetapkan in 2 months time.. So just imagine planning dalam masa 2 bulan with me yg nak meletup soon + mama yg kene jaga baby n jaga saya? ngeh ngeh ngeh... Ana already back in Kuantan, left me with my parents settling stuff like amik borang kawen kat pejabat agama islam, looking for mak andam mekap, decide on pelamin/banquet package, photographer, booking org lukis inai, catering + pinggan + menu, khemah + meja makan + kerusi... She will do her part la such as tangkap gambar, beli kain baju, tempah baju, tempah kad, beli brg hantaran....

Tommorrow (rabu), will drive to KL with mama nak beli stuff at Semua House/ SSF Jalan TAR then meet photographer + buying stuff for me & baby (nursing bra, disposable breast pad, diapers.. etc) so that I can start packing my hospital bag. Thursday morning, will meet up gynae for routine check up then heading back to Mentakab. Ouh, we decided to do my future son (yang belum keluar lagi nih) akikah's together with Ana's wedding.. Friday, will go to kandang kambeng booking kambeng akikah.. Papa boleh pegi sorang jer, tapi saya adalah excited (read: jakun) nak gi tengok kambeng, boleh?? Sbb mama ckp kambeng tuh lawa, bukan kambeng kampung yg slalu nampak tepi jalan

Okies, sekitar majlis bertunang.. Alhamdulilah everything went smoothly, the food was marveles n estimation was just nice, tader lebih banyak & tader la x cukup.. N I wud like to display my so called hasil creativity doing Ana's hantaran.. People who really know me well, memang tau saya tidak mempunyai darah creativity mahupun artsy fartsy ni.. melukis, mewarna, mendecorate seme adalah fail.. Tp sbb terdesak maka terpaksa la... Yes, it is simple! Kalau aku nak tambah bunga2 karut marut lagi, haruslah x tau apa jadi pada hantaran itu.. The rest of hantaran, Mama la buat..

I baked these cupcakes and decorate icing on it, then put it in box
Wrap dgn ribbon while menghalau pencuri2 cupcake (my nephews)
One thing for sure, if not desperate - I will not bake
Same as, if not responsibility - I will not cook for my husband
Saya memang malas!!

Tader masa/tak reti wat sirih junjung
The easiest way, guna tepak sirih.. classic kan?

Most of the time, mak buyung nih stayed dgn pengantin (pengantin ker? penunang?) dalam bilik.. Looking after Hafiz.. Mummy Hafiz bz jadi photographer lepas tuh komplen gambar dia tader.. Ahahah, nasib la.. Duduk dlm bilik, banyak gak hasil2 cam-whore kami berdua.. Tp Ana dah warn awal2, kalau masuk gambar cilake/posing maut dalam blog.. Siap la kene belasah

Kami 2 beradik camwhoring..
Trying to capture hafiz smiling, bila flash terus dia pejam mata

Mana gambar penuh or profile mak buyung & perutnya? Aiseh, memang x bertangkap gambar.. Lagi pakai baju kurung, baju longgar mmg macam x nampak jer.. Siap ada makcik2 tanya, dah kawen ke belum? Awwww... terasa seperti anak dara u!!!! *big grin*

This is the only pix of me yang penuh.. *minah baju oren*
Gambar lain, gambar muka je..langsung tade kelibat gambar perut