Sunday, February 14

Happy V-Day

Well, it is not so happy vday coz DH is on his way to State (again~) leaving me, alone n heavily pregnant *sob sob* --> Jesz, cubaan utk meroyan.. jadikah? Nah... I'm cool! Since we were an item few years back, long distance relationship is sumthing really really familiar to both of us.. N I do think, he marry me bcoz I'm not clingy type & I can take care of myself (wah~ perasan ke? apakah)

Ok, I rcvd this tag from 2 people - Ilot & Hantumakan, kene buat before mereka merajuk (akan merajuk kah?) a bit confused with the tag title..very der jiwang.. but it is called "How I Meet My Beloved Hubby" ouh, sila buat tag bila in mushy mood.. jangan buat masa tengah berang / perang dunia ke-3 :P

First time jumpa with your hubby, bila n kat mana?
Kat uni, tepi2 jalan.. terselisih, terserempak, bila tatau..

Love at first sight?

Who is he when the first time u met him?
Senior - budak chemical engineering

How long it takes for him to ask u out for a date?
Satu semester - 5 months or so *lupa lah*

1st place dating?
Plaza Damas, Hartamas

How he proposed?
He said he proposed to me everynite when I was asleep, truth is.. he never proposed!! Citer cinta hollywood jer beriya proposed, citer cinta melayu.. terus bawak parents dia jumpa parents I - the next thing I know, they already have exact date for us utk kawen

Special date with ur hubby?
Every 30th - first date on the 30th, declared as an item also on the 30th, getting hitched on the 30th as well :D Ouh, I do hope that our baby will pop out on 30th March *harapan*

Changes that he asked you to do?
Stop wearing his boxer!! Muahahahha - I outgrown almost all of my shorts because I'm pregnant! His boxer fit me nicely nowadays, chihihihi

What about him that u love so much?
Quite a lot, but the the top 2 are his patience (woh! sangat penyabar) & the fact that he can take care of me eventho he's not around with only his word thru SMS, Call, YM, Skype - Yeah, he always said something calming and always know what to say at the rite time..

What is about him that you wish he wud change?
Change his job - which he did, but end up he still travel a lot!!! So, I terpaksa pasrah & redha sajork

You will lose your mind & crack your head when?
10pm - out with his frens, 4am - still not at home.. no call, no sms since klua umah.. eksiden ker apa mamat nih? Risaunya akuuuu!!! 4.30am, baru tercongok kat umah dengan muka inesen sambil cakap "Saya tanak kaco awak tdo" Since then, DH dah pandai bg sms "Don't wait up"

You will smile thru your eyes for the whole day when he?
I smile with my lips not my eyes! *keji x jawab soklan*

Complete below sentences "my love towards my hubby is as big as.."

I'm tagging... Jesz, Zal, Tinie, Izzu *hiks*


  1. happy valentine day... Bila u due??

  2. april fool *emo*
    nanti org ingat i main2

  3. adekah u tag i ita ?

    anyway ur answer for you will lose you mind and crack your head when tuh is same dgn i masa mula2 kawen dgn apau....jumpa kawan dia tgh2 malam dah la aku tgh pregnant tak balik2 tak sms tak call. tantrum baik punye pas tu after that dah jadi ok :p...sms call segala dapat hehe

  4. wah, i kena tag ke ? hayooo, matilah....interesting jugak benda ni....hehehe