Sunday, January 10

Tak kenal pun...

I received a friend request from a cute guy *gatal mode=on!* at FB.. chihihihi.. We have only 1 mutual friend which is my cousin (lelaki la).. Usually I will click 'confirm' when there is a friend request, eventho I couldn't remember who the heck is this person provided that he/she have lotsa mutual friend - primary school, secondary school, uni years, ex-colleague....

But, my cousin is 5 years younger than me.. and we only speak to each other during Raya or so.. Ouh yes, I graduated from UTP Dec 2004 and he enters UTP Jul 2005.. So basically there is no way I know this cute guy from my cousin.. Sadly, (motif nak sedeh?) I terpaksa reject friend request dr mamat cute itu dgn alasan "Aku tak kenal ko weih.."


  1. hahah.. may be dia nak 'berkenalan' dgn u ita ;)

  2. isk, kalau i 'berkenalan' dgn dia, i terasa seperti pedophile plak

  3. gelak ketawa aku sampai gila2